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Vacation with Mike and I?

The other evening, I was talking to my buddy, Mike Sigers from over at and Mike was trying to convince me to come to Kentucky to hang out with him for a couple days down by the lake. Now there’s something you have to know about Mike…he is an extraordinary sales trainer and knows how to sell…he’s a master at it. Needless to say I didn’t have a chance…lol. His pitch was SO appealing and tempting that I couldn’t resist. But then he said something that REALLY caught my attention…

Mike suggested that he and I invite a couple people to join us down at the lake and help them with their businesses. Help them with product creation, blog development, teach them how to sell, create podcasts…whatever they needed. I LOVED the idea SO much that I stopped him mid-conversation so that I could record what we were masterminding about. It’s amazing how things come together. It was a cool call and we started sharing strategies that you’re going to love…oh…and the deal with the lake? YEAH…we want you to join us. Here’s the thing though…we are only going to allow four people join us. I think you better listen to the audio right away, and then check out the details below.

We are going to have a blast! Listen to this!



So here is what Mike and I were thinking…

We would spend pick you up at the airport on Friday, August 21st (you would fly into Nashville, TN), and then we would head back to the resort for the weekend. Friday night, Saturday and Sunday, we would work on your business with you…mastermind, help you create products, blogs, podcasts, etc. You would have full access to both Mike and I for as long as you need it during the time we’re together, so that you would leave with new sales strategies, new products, new websites…whatever you need.


The cost for the weekend is just $2,497, which is a small price to pay considering what Mike and I charge as an hourly rate ($250 – $500 per hour). Oh, and did I mention that includes your room, as well as lunch and dinner? Yep! BTW…I’m also going to include several of my top-end Public Domain packages for FREE for those who join us AND I’m going to have my camera there if you need professional photos shot for your blogs or products.

I hate to tell you this, but here’s the thing…Mike is telling the top people on his list, and I’m doing the same…plus we’re also making this opportunity available to our Twitter friends…so these four spots are going to go super quick!

There is something you need to know about Mike and I…we LOVE to give, give, give to the people we invest in and we’ll share everything we know to those who join us…not to mention that the lake is amazingly relaxing and peaceful! What do we get out of it? A chance to meet serious entrepreneurs who want to succeed in their business. You are the ones we want to partner with and joint-venture with…ao for us, it’s all about helping and building relationships…so if we can do that AND do so in an amazing, relaxing setting, it’s a win-win for everyone!

So here is what our Kentucky Business Getaway includes:

  • Transportation to and from the airport in Nashville
  • Your room for Friday night and Saturday night
  • Dinner Friday night, lunch and dinner Saturday, & lunch Sunda
  • Every waking moment with Mike and Tony to help you in your business along with all our skills, know-how, etc. in a relaxing, amazing atmosphere
  • Professional photos taken for your blog/products
  • My Ultimate Public Domain Package (learn more HERE)

Here is what to do next…

Click the order button below. Once your order goes through, we will send you all the details you need for the weekend. The dates again are August 21st-23rd, 2009 and the cost is just $2,497. We hope you can join us because we may not do this again!


One Response to “Vacation with Mike and I?”

  • Tony,

    This sounds like just the weekend I need, but the timing doesn’t work out. I hope you do it again.

    Hope it goes well, and I envy those who are going!


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