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UnSeminar5 Wrap

Well…Pat O’Bryan’s UnSeminar5 is officially in the “can.” Eric Farewell summed it up best on Twitter this morning: “#US5 was absolutely Epic!!” Incredible teaching in the room…incredible JVs in the restaurants at night…and some really tasty margaritas! If you were not at this event, you missed something truly special.

In the next few days, once I get back to the office, I’ll be posting some summaries and photos from the weekend. Hats off to Pat O’Bryan for a spontaneous, organic event, along with Dr. Joe Vitale, Ben Mack, Dr. Scott Lewis, Donna Fox, Simon Leung, Eric Farewell, Craig Perrine, Bill Hibler, Erica Douglas and myself. My life is MUCH richer from getting to know these amazing speakers better.

I’m also deeply blessed by getting to know Betsy (thank you for your humble spirit), Hunter (for a seamless behind the scenes), Simone (great, specialĀ conversations…until the next time), Mindy (Loved our dialog), 20/20 (need to get to know you better, man)…wow!

More to come…along with some NEW Public Domain strategies.

3 Responses to “UnSeminar5 Wrap”

  • Had a rockin time w/ you bro!
    You brought the house down too :)

    Keep cool and keep in touch!
    And see you on Twitter @simonleung :)

  • Brother, it was a straight up honor!!
    Really enjoyed your personality and Wisdom, can’t wait to spend more time :-)

  • Bart Vyvey:

    Yeah. I know. Rub it in… :-))
    I’m still disappointed for not making it there. I really wanted to meet a lot of you guys and gals.

    Will we see some of those PD Strategies in your upcoming blueprint?


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