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Public Domain Updates

I’m in San Antonio this weekend for Pat O’Bryan’s UnSeminar5. I’ll be presenting there along with Pat (of course), Dr. Joe Vitale, Donna Fox, Simon Leung, Craig Perrine, Bill Hibbler, Eric Farewell, Erica Douglas and Dr. Scott Lewis. I think there
are a few seats left if you’re not busy this weekend, and at $197, this seminar is a steal (!

=> Have you seen this?

Google just launched a new authority site called Knol ( It’s Google’s whack at Wikipedia, but with a
few new twists. I’ll be writing more on it later, but go check it out…make sure you read the terms of use…there’s some interesting options that could help you in your business!

=> Things coming “down the pike…”

As you may or may not know, the new version of Firefox wreaked havoc on quite a few addon toolbars for Firefox, including my Public Domain Toolbar ( I updated the toolbar to work with Firefox 3.0 and Internet Explorer 8 and life was good. Then, Mozilla released the latest Firefox update (3.01) changing how it addresses toolbars again and is causing problems (again) for some toolbar users (me and Firefox aren’t real close right now…grrrr) I solved the new install problem and should have the update uploaded early next week since I’ll be kind of busy at Pat’s event. I’ll let you know when it’s ready.

ALSO…speaking of toolbars…I’ve made an executive decision that will make some of you very happy (who knows…maybe all of you). On August 1st, I am releasing an updated version of the Public Domain Toolbar, LITE Edition, which will now be called the Express Edition, so that it’s compatible with the latest browsers and with updated websites.

The PD Toolbar Express will feature a subset of search options and websites from the full version of the toolbar…and here’s the fun part…it’s going to be F.R.E.E. for anyone to use, to give away to their own lists, to use as a list builder, as a bonus, whatever you want to do with it. Isn’t that cool?! Watch this blog for more details next week.

=> And Lastly…

Limitless Blog Content has been a huge hit…did you claim your copy yet? Out of all the products I’ve created to date (over 50 so far), this is one I am very proud of because it has the greatest potential to open wide the doors to blog (and other) content for you.


Remember the note at the beginning of this blog about Knol? Okay…think authority site plus proven content from magazines…and a link to your blog…this could be huge! Grab your copy of Limitless Blog Content now…producing content for your niche will be SO much easier.

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