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Public Domain Q&A Teleseminar #2 News and a New FREE E-book!

Mike and I have finialized all the details for the next Public Domain teleseminar, it it’s going to be even better than the first one. To give you an idea of how much in-depth information I plan to share, I’m going to give you the list of questions I plan to answer. There are just seven questions…but I call them the **Magnificent Seven** because of the amount of valuable content is going to be shared in the answers.

Before we get to the questions and the teleseminar info, I want to tell you about a new e-book I just finished called, Public Domain Power Grid. I’ve pulled together some of my best writings on the Public Domain along with some new insights and tips to form a cohesive powerhouse of Public Domain information packed into a 141 page “plug-and-play” no-cost e-book.

It’s available beginning today through an amazing Easter Giveaway site where, along with Public Domain Power Grid, you’ll have complete F.R.E.E. access  to hundreds of ebooks,guides, software, PLR content, graphics, videos and a LOT more of quality content. Even I was impressed by some of the offerings (and I can be pretty jaded when it comes to giveaways). So grab your copy of Public Domain Power Grid, along with the hundreds of other freebies beginning today:


Okay…the teleseminar details:

Public Domain Q&A Teleseminar #2

Monday, March 24th
Phone-Number to Dial:  218-486-3695
Use Conference ID:  8873442#
Listen online LIVE at:

(The call details are also listed on the “Let’s Ask Tony” website,

Here are the Magnificent Seven Questions:

1. Hello Tony, Could you please describe the process of using Public Domain works for info products from identification all the way through to website submission?

(Yes…I’m going to go step-by-step through the entire process live!)

2. How do you get traffic to a site promoting a new product without paying for Google Adwords, which may not be affordable for your keywords?

3. I’m not nearly as creative as you, Tony. I still have trouble imagining what to do with PD. Much of it seems very outdated. Could you please provide more example ideas of what to do with Public Domain works?

4. There’s lots of public domain material available on the internet, but is it better to use offline material if possible – since there may be fewer other people using it?

5. Tony, how do you lay out your eBooks and what software you use for your website?

6. I have found numerous sources for public domain information, but I am not sure how to package the information and offer it as a viable sales package. Thanks for all the information you have provided.

7. I’ve got my domain name picked out and being on a limited budget right now, I’m confused about the host I should choose and what options I need to sell my product. How do I proceed?

There you have it…you will NOT want to miss this teleseminar!!!

To your continued success!

Tony Laidig
The Public Domain Expert

PS – Make sure you visit the Easter Giveaway today to pick up some truly amazing gifts, PLUS your copy of my “Public Domain Power Grid”!


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