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Life After the Bomb

Some say they like to start off the New Year with a bang. Last year, mine began with a Nuclear Blast. In a 15-day time span at the beginning of 2009, my divorce was finalized, my daughter moved away, my husky Kola died, my Father died, my business was at a standstill and I was in a relationship that officially didn’t exist. If there ever was a Dark Night of the Soul, this was mine…and it was hell, to be quite honest. I learned a lot about myself, and a lot of what I learned I didn’t like. I had a choice…to learn from what was happening and grow, or stay where I was and be a victim. I chose to grow…I chose to be honest with myself and see things for what they were.

Here is what I learned…

Each day, we are given a new chance at life, with fresh hopes, fresh dreams, new choices and mercy…LOTS of mercy! The beginning of each new week presents us with 168 brand-new opportunities to create the life we want…and if we don’t, it’s no one’s fault but our own. I discovered that most people are genuinely caring at some level. The outpouring of grace, understanding and prayers I received was overwhelming…in a good way. It served as a lifeline of sorts…along with some special friends who were really there for me in the darkest hours.

I also came to realize that all of it…all that was going on…was a giant mirror, reflecting back to me what was really going on inside me. It was an outward reflection of who I was inside, and boy, what a mess I was! And while some would like to hold me in that space of who I was, I have some great news to share about who I AM as a result of that journey…

I am an overcomer, not a survivor. I am a better person. I have a greater spiritual depth and understanding. I am not defined by what others think of me. I am a romantic with a lot of love to share and receive. I am a single Dad who loves his girls and wants the best for them. I am an artist full of creativity to express the world from my perspective. I am a teacher with something of value to share. I am an entrepreneur who genuinely wants to see his friends and customers succeed.

But most of all…

I learned that I am lovable and am loved. I believe in myself. I deserve good. I will succeed. And it’s all possible because during every one of the 60 minutes in an hour, I can choose differently. Every day I have 24 new opportunities to win. Every week, I have 168 HUGE chances to make a difference. Every year, I get 365 shots of fresh mercy to start out again.

And here is the BEST part…

SO DO YOU! Don’t limit yourself and don’t short-change yourself! It’s all there waiting for your embrace…your choice!

Oh, and now…YEAH…I love my life!

3 Responses to “Life After the Bomb”

  • Keith:

    Cool…I know where you are coming from and appreciate the story. We are not alone and the next minute could be your greatest…If that is what you choose.

  • Hey Tony: I cannot thank you enough for the lesson you taught us on the Jim Boat, Everyone looking for content should sign up for your materials. They are worth every penny. Holly and I thank you so much. I also came thru what you did 22 years ago. I liked what Les Brown said in his video with Jim Edwarda. If you fall down and land on your back , look up thank god, then get up, and take life on again.
    Thank you you are a inspiration to us all
    Cliff and Holly

  • Tony,
    I am so happy that your pulled through the huge “perfect storm” last year. My mom went through that when I was 11 and I lived it with her.

    Your materials are consistently excellent. The value you have provided me because I have way to many of your products to list here is invaluable.

    Thank you for being an untypical guru. You give first therefore you receive.

    God Bless!

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