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Cool Surprises to Kick Off 2010

I am SO excited about diving into the New Year! The Holidays are fun and all but I’m ready to get back to doing what I LOVE to do…sharing HOW to use Public Domain content to successfully build your business. And to that extent, there are lots of cool, fun things in store for the coming months.

YES…I have some tricks and surprises up my sleeves (that benefit you, of course)…but that is part of the fun.

Over the Holidays…actually over the course of December…I spent a lot of time thinking about and planning how to move forward into the New Year in ways that would benefit you the most. As I considered a lot of different options, several important ideas came to mind, and I believe you’ll find them to be rather cool! I’ll share the first few with you now.

The first surprise I’d like to share is that I’ve decided to permanently drop the prices on all my best-selling products…more than half. Beginning today, you can now claim your own copy any of the following Public Domain training products at their new, lower price.

Public Domain Explained

Public Domain Profit Centers

Easy Money Picture Project

Limitless Blog Content

The second surprise is, of course, my NEW video series (you can watch Episode One below), where I’ll be sharing the benefits, strategies and tricks of using Public Domain content…and the videos will not cost you anything…zero cost…zero opt-in…zero sales pitch. Just me delivering great content to help you build your online business. The ONLY thing I ask for is your comments and to share them with others you know if they inspire you. That’s it. You will be able to view all the episodes right here on my blog!

That’s it for THIS post…no more secrets just yet, but wait until you see what ELSE I will be offering soon at no cost…you’ll definitely think I’ve lost my marbles (did you see them? They’re round, they sparkle and…). I’ll tell you more about THAT surprise in a few days. For now, however, please know that I am committed to your ongoing success for 2010. THIS is the year for you…I totally believe it!

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