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Why This Method ALWAYS Works!

Last night I was out shopping with my wife and daughters…there are a lot of crazy people out there! One dude even ran over the tip of my wife’s boot in the parking lot. Of course, the kid was afraid to get out of his car, I think because he was afraid my wife would kick his butt (and she probably would have). Remind me to tell you the story about the guy who ran over our trashcan sometime. It’s hilarious. You don’t mess with Lakota women. Trust me.

While we were out, I stopped by Borders, my favorite place to kill a few hours. I purchased a few gifts for family, picked up a few things for me and went through my typical routine of flipping through the latest design and business magazines. It was great! On the way home, I thought about what I had purchased at Borders and the things my wife asked me to write down as gifts ideas. Suddenly, it occurred to me, nearly ALL of them were based on lists. The new ToyFare magazine I bought lists all the newest action figures, including the “50 Greatest Fictional Weapons of All Time.” The HD Video Pro magazine lists the pros and cons of today’s digital HD cameras. The Firefly DVD series includes all the episodes from the series (another list of sorts). I could go on and on.

The truth is that this method of product creation—directories and lists—is a rock-solid approach to create strong, successful products in nearly any niche. Why? Simple! It’s human nature. Lists trigger psychological responses from us in a number of ways. Here are four of those triggers:

1. Reductionism – Lists often reduce huge amounts of information down to highlights. We like this because we feel like this is saving us time. Outlines, bulleted or numbered lists or even Powerpoint presentations cater to our linear way of thinking by reducing information.

2. Recommendation – We don’t know everything about everything and we certainly don’t have time to learn it. Recommendations help us sort through the choices to make educated decisions about things we know little or nothing about. When you couple authority with recommendation, you’ll have a powerful product (Rachel Ray’s Guide to the 10 Best Pasta Recipes, for example).

3. Access – Directories and lists give us access to information quickly that might otherwise take us hours, days or, in some cases, months or years to accumulate. This is by far one of the BEST reasons for creating this type of information products.

4. Completion – We have this internal thing about us where we feel the need to complete things. Think about it…we see a list of six things and one is missing, it will drive us crazy until we solve it. Of course, from a marketing perspective, this can work in our advantage if we use it right. Let me give you an example: Create a series of books around a common theme—a six-book series on eating healthy. Book 1 is Vegetables; Book 2 is Fruits; Book 3 is Breads; Book 4 is Meats; Book 5 is Drinks; and Book 6 is Desserts. If a person buys the first three books, chances are high that they will buy all of them. So you sell the first three books as a set, and offer the remaining books as an upsell. Get my drift? Your conversion rate will be high because your customer will want to complete the “list”…the entire six-book set.

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