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When Making an Extra $305 a Week Might Be a Bad Thing…

I have a confession to make…

My oldest daughter, Ashlea, is selling herself to others for a measly $7.65 an hour.

Is she a really cheap hooker? Heavens no! She works at Circuit City as a customer service manager. I don’t envy her. I wouldn’t do it, but she likes it most of the time. In exchange for 40 hours of helping people, dealing with the occasional idiots, problem-solving and making Circuit City a happy place to shop again, Ashlea is rewarded with $305…and that’s BEFORE taxes.

So to recap, we have the following equation for Ashlea’s worth (at Circuit City):

$7.65 X 40 HOURS = $305

Thinking about it makes me queasy on my stomach. I can’t imagine trading 40 HOURS of my life for $305 (although I did trade my time for money¬†for years)

Let me ask you…are you in a similar situation?

Tell me if one or more of these bullet points describe YOU:

* You are working the 9 to 5, trading your time for dollars.

* You have thought to yourself, “THAT would make a great Info-Product.”

* You feel that you’re not an expert on anything; but still want to create your own product.

* You tried to create a product of your own but gave up.

* You’re about to begin writing an ebook or are partway through one.

* You’ve got a bunch of “half done” products on your desktop.

* You think it’s too hard to create your own info-product.

* You think it takes too much money to create your own info product.

* You have just 1 hour a day to spare to work on your info-product.

* You’ve got a web page that isn’t converting as well as you’d like.

* You think you can never create a professional looking info product audio cd, pdf, ebook, or download pages.

* You’ve had a problem getting your payment processing set up to take orders online.

* You know you want to sell products online but haven’t gotten around to doing anything about it.

* You’re not 100% satisfied with the results you are achieving right now.

If ANY one of those bullet points describe YOU, or you’re in the same situation as my daughter and you want MORE,
then you need to make the decision RIGHT NOW that 2008 is going to be different. Go to:

…and get ready to dream again. This amazing new product will DEFINITELY help you succeed once and for all!

To your 2008 success,

Tony Laidig

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PPS – Watch for my next Public Domain update! I’m going to share where to find a TON of great Public Domain Audiobooks for FREE!

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