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What Does 99.4 Mean to You?

99.4 is a VERY interesting number.

Did you know:

=>We share 99.4% of the most critical DNA sites with chimpanzees?

=>If you are a middle class (or higher) American you live better than 99.4% of all the people who have ever lived, including those that are alive right now?

=>If you live in Palmerston North New Zealand, 99.4 FM might be the radio station you’re listening to?

=>Many doctors define fever as an oral temperature above 99.4 degrees?

=>Someone recently bought a futures contract for 1000 barrels of crude oil for $100.05 apiece. He then sold that contract minutes later for $99.40 dollars a barrel, at a $600 loss…all for bragging rights as being the first person to buy oil for over $100 a barrel?

But 99.4 is significant in another way: It’s the percentage of American magazines published between the years of 1923 and 1964 that are NOW in the Public Domain. Cool huh! That means that around 200,000 different magazines, journals and periodicals with ALL the issues they published during that time frame are available as content for you to use in your information product business, right now!

That’s millions of pages of quality articles, illustrations and much more…ALL waiting for you to use for your blogs, info products, Adsense sites, articles and whatever else you can think up!

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