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Want to sell Public Domain products on eBay?

I just finished hammering out a fresh new report called, “50 Ways to Sell Public Domain Products on eBay.” In it, I cover all types of products you can create and sell based on Public Domain resources. A few may sound familiar, but many of these strategies are being  shared by me for the first time.

I guarantee that I’ve included some ideas you’ve never considered before. As you can tell from the title, there are 50 different strategies that I share, but  when you factor in the different types of delivery–Digital download, CD, DVD and Print–the count is actually much greater. You can also use these ideas for your other online or offline ventures
as well. As always, you’ll find it at Tony’s Yard Sale:

I also want to mention here (because it has come up on a few occasions)…Just because you see someone else selling something similar to your idea does not me you shouldn’t sell it, or that it will not sell. Most people know nothing about marketing (the same is true for many marketers, unfortunately). The challenge is to make your product or sale
better…NOT necessarily cheaper!

I conducted a research study on eBay recently where three people were selling the same Public Domain content (panoramic maps). One person was selling large individual inkjet prints for $24.95 each; another was selling the maps on CD as collections by state for $9.88 per state; and the last person was selling the entire collection on 3 DVD’s for $9.99. The last person even bragged in their sales copy how their price was much cheaper. Who do you think moved the most volume of sales AND made the most money? The first person in both cases…MORE individual sales and MORE money. Take that to heart, and keep it in mind as you read my new report!

To your continued success!

Tony Laidig

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