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Toolbar 2.0 News…

I’ve been working on the Public Domain Expert Toolbar, Version 2.0 upgrade over the past few days and I’m really excited at it’s progress! I thought I’d share a few teaser features and images from the new interface so you can get a feel for what’s in store. I haven’t set a launch date for it yet, but it should be first quarter 2008.

The Interface

I’m completely redesigning the interface so that it has more of a Web 2.0 look to it. I’m planning to shift more and more of my design in this direction this year, so I thought that the Toolbar would be a great place to begin. Below is the new logo design for the toolbar, which is based on my PDX company logo design:


I’ve also completely redesigned the button interface as well. You can see a sample of the new look here:


Under the Hood 

There will be a lot more to the 2.0 version of the Toolbar than just a facelift. Here are just a few of the new features I’ve added as well:

=> I’ve added a ton of new websites that I haven’t been talking about to nearly every category.

=> I’ve added the ability to perform copyright searches for books right from the Toolbar.

=> I’ve added an “Options” feature that enables you to switch “On” or “Off” ANY feature in the Toolbar. So if there are certain category that you’ll never use, like Sheet Music, you can just turn it off under Options and it will not appear on the Toolbar.

=> There will be a “Tabbed Search” feature where you’ll be able to choose which search databases you want to search and then search them all simultaneously, with the results returned in tabbed windows in your browser.

=> There will be a complete set of video tutorials that will demonstrate EVERY single button and feature of the Toolbar.

=> And much, much more!

As soon as I get the Toolbar 2.0 to it’s beta stage, I will release videos demonstrating it’s new features! Of course, there will be special launch pricing and a really great upgrade offer for existing owners of the Toolbar. More details to come!

To your continued success!


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