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The Public Domain Expert Social Life…

If you aren’t hanging out at some of the great Social Networks these days, you’re really missing some fun opportunities. I’ve been a bit slow at signing up for some of these, but what a great time I’ve been having! My latest venture is into the world of Flickr. You can see my photographs and illustrations at

I’ve also been adding a lot of content to and have seen some amazing results with Google search rankings on quite a few strong keywords. You can check out my Scribd content here:

Lastly, many of you know that I have a video on YouTube called “The Power of One.” It’s based on a Public Domain poem I found and partly rewrote together with photographs and beautiful music. It’s been a year now since I posted the video and some pretty cool things are happening with it…like over a thousands views a day now. I’m really pleased to see this video begin to take off, and have a few more similar videos in the works, not to mention the nice list I’m starting to build from it. You can see the Power of One here:

If you’re not venturing into the social scene, you should, if for no other reason than to have some fun. And if you happen to get some great backlinks, killer organic search placement and increased exposure to your websites, well, so be it…big grin!


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