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Read Any Good Magazines Lately?

I LOVE reading magazines! You could definitely say that I’m a magazine junkie. I remember back, early in my marriage…my mother-in-law used to always get in my face about the number of magazines my wife and I bought. I “fondly” remember her saying, “You’re never going to get a house by pissing away all your money on those da@? magazines!” Ah yes…those were the days.

Of course my mother-in-law never ended a visit without “borrowing” a couple issues of this or that.

Well…we have our house and we STILL buy magazines…and my mother-in-law? Yeah…we moved 200 milesaway from her (although she don’t complain much now). Ask me some time about the neo-nazi, religious fanatic accusations some day…oh boy!

Over the weekend, I was reading through one of the old magazines I have from 1919, and I thought about the potential that magazines offer for content creation. I honestly hadn’t researched the availability of magazines in the Public Domain, even though I suspected that there were quite a few available in the Public Domain (like the one I was reading).

I started to do some research, figuring it might make for a quick little report to send out to you, or maybe a nice blog entry. Then I made a discovery that changed my way of thinking about magazines forever.

I knew that magazines published before 1923 would be in the Public Domain. That’s no surprise, and there are literally thousands of magazines that fall into that category. But what I was curious about were the magazines published between 1923 and 1964, when the copyright laws changed. What I discovered BLEW my mind…I mean REALLY!! It’s going to blow your mind too!

Between the years of 1923 and 1964, it’s estimated that there were over 200,000 different magazines, journals and periodicals in print. That’s a LOT of magazines! But here is the kicker…of those 200,000+ magazines, ONLY 1,300 ever renewed their copyrights! And of those, many of their individual issues were never renewed! What that means is that 99.4% of ALL the magazines published in that time period are NOW in the Public Domain!!

Yeah, I swore too!

So here’s what I did…I spent the past few days detailing and documenting every bit of knowlege you NEED to find, confirm and use magazine content to create some amazing information products. You’re always going to need fresh content for your products, blogs, articles and more, right? I literally break the process down, step-by-step using a case study to walk you through the entire process of checking the copyright status of ANY magazine or magazine article. I also give you ideas on types of products you can create with the content, where to find the magazines, and, as an added bonus, I include the ENTIRE listing of every magazine that renewed its copyright for you to use as a reference.

This is a totally untapped source of fresh content that has been completely off the radar until now.

You can learn more about this exciting discovery here:


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