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My First Spring Flower Pic…2008

This has nothing to do with the Public Domain, but I’m excited to be able to fire-up the 20D, get down on my belly (which is MUCH smaller now) and shoot my first 2008 flower pic in my front yard…yeah…Spring is here!


Enjoy the FREE gifts nature gives you!


3 Responses to “My First Spring Flower Pic…2008”

  • Bart Vyvey:

    It’s about time spring starts in Belgium too.
    I really want to go outside and take a walk with the dog. No can do when it’s raining and we had too much of that in the last few weeks.
    Enjoy! (I know I will too…)


  • Rita:


    WOW! AWESOME! I am so impressed … and SOOO jealous. Spring here in Idaho is just in the beginning stages and we don’t really have any flowers yet. Still cold at night … 26 last night. But days are warming and buds are showing up all over the place so I have hope!

    Thanks for the wonderful reminder that spring is just around the corner.

    Rita 😀

  • Carol Dankelman:

    Thank you, I love flowers! Even though it’s still early for planting much in Southern Pennsylvania; I made a few stops at garden centers today. Ah, spring!

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