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Man’s Evolution


2 Responses to “Man’s Evolution”

  • Loved the video and this way of using it. Immense thanks for the motivation to do more with public domain vids! First time here at the Blog.

    Thanks for all,
    Richard Mosely

  • Heya Tony!

    This video is hilarious! I LOVED the bit in the middle with the two guys talking about whether or not to continue pushing westward.

    As if the dude on the left’s goatee wasn’t funny enough, his totally lackadaisical attitude cracked me up. He reminded me of several drummers I’ve known over the years. ;-P

    I also liked the way the tension built up at the end… I was SURE the writers were NOT going to have the actors talk about kids, but then…


    …right at the moment of denouement, your promo blast comes in. GREAT timing! (And a lesson to folks about video production right there!)

    Also, I assume that the awesome audio you used came from , right?

    (Anyone who has listened to the EXCELLENT audio-bonuses that come with will see what I’ve just done there)

    Anyway, nice work! And as Richard said, a nice example of how to use–and kick in the butt to ACTUALLY use!–PD video.

    Good one.

    Best regards,

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