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Kola Is Gone…

I’m deeply saddened to share that my husky, Kola, had to be put down last night due to an aggressive form of cancer. What made this extremely hard was that my girls and I hadn’t seen him in a week because my ex-wife had taken him to live with her at her new house 4 hours away…so we weren’t able to say goodbye. My ex-wife and her boyfriend were with him when he was put to sleep. After he was gone, they smudged his body with sage and tobacco as an honor to him and wrapped him in a blanket. I’m glad they were able to do that in my absence.

Kola came to be pretty well known, at least with my subscribers, through my Yard Sale site at Of course, he will continue to be a part of that site as a memorial to him. We had some great times together…I always joked that he was the son I never had. Kola was actually a wolf/husky hybrid, something many people didn’t know…and as such, was incredibly intelligent, and big (95lbs.). So today, I honor my friend…to say thank you and goodbye! You will be deeply missed!

If you would like to see more pictures of my amazing dog, you can do so here:

69 Responses to “Kola Is Gone…”

  • jordan:

    I’m very sorry to hear about your loss. My beloved cat Roosevelt, age 16 at his death, was my companion. In fact, he was my very lap until he grew too big and hung off each side as I typed, at which point he made it a point to sit on my toes when I worked. He was the biggest cat I’d ever seen, full of love. He’s up there in whatever passes for animal heaven with your Kola now. I know it sounds sappy to say, but I truly believe our animal pets have souls and are involved in the same karmic cycles that we are, and in fact they ARE us — how we treat them reveals a lot about us as beings. Kola made you a warmer more loving human — I know, because Roosevelt did the same for me. Remember his best times, and keep some part of him near you always. He’s still your companion.

  • Tony,

    I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Kola. I went through a similar experience with a dog that was with my ex-wife and it makes it doubly hard not to be able to say goodbye.

    It’s always hard saying goodbye to a pet and I have been through it many times (yeah, i have a few (many) grey hairs) but while you never forget you always move on.

    Give yourself time but get yourself a new pup when you feel ready – you never can replace those we have lost but a pet should always be part of our life

  • I am so sorry to hear that you have lost your beloved companion. We animal lovers cherish our four legged friends as family members. And, from your sharing, I know how much Kola was a part of your life.

    Each time you think of Kola, make it a warm and happy thought – remember what he gave you and what you gave him. It is always a two-way street.

    And, last, it is ok to cry.

    Amelia Brazell

  • Dearest Tony,

    I also lost one of my Beloved “Boys” on October 5th 2007. Winston was only with me for 5 years a rescue dog – as are his 2 brothers. He lost the use of his back legs on that day, went to the vet they did tests and an aggressive form of Cancer was diagnosed also. The look in his eyes said, “Mummy its time for me to move on”. I believe Kola would have felt that also. Dogs I believe are sent to us to give us that love and faithfulness that no other human can give. He is up there along with Winston and all the other dogs that cross over Rainbow bridge, playing, free of pain, just waiting for each of us to arrive. I know you never got to say goodbye, but Tony I believe dogs are Psychic and Kola would have come to you in spirit and knows and fully understands why you and your girls could not be there. He also knew just how much you all loved him.

    You were blessed to have him for the time you did.

    On a lighter note – we received a phone call a couple of months after we lost Winston completely out of the blue from an animal Rescue shelter, who knows we take in the worst dog abuse cases and work with these dogs (they never get re homed they stay with use for life)and that we always have 3-4 dogs. They told use about this little Silky Cross who’s elderly male owner had died and who’s son had put this dog in the back yard and had forgot her. She was barely 1kg or 2lbs in weight NO FUR I mean NO FUR at all, full of sores with a broken rib (Yes the son had kicked her and broken her rib)they would put her down if we did not take her. I went to Winston’s grave and spoke to him and asked him to send me a sign if “Mummy” should take her, that I still missed him and loved him. Without a word of a lie Tony, a bird flew down and sat on his Angel that sits over his grave. I knew I had to take this little precious bundle. My husband and I drove 4 hours to pick up this little skeleton, taking our other 2 rescue dogs. They loved her the moment they saw her, and licked her and let her sit in the middle of them in the back of the car. Today Popsie (we re-named her) is 5 kgs, has long silky fur and plays with her brothers and is much loved. Soon after we got her my elderly father had 2 strokes – Popsie has been a god send to him, she sits on his lap, looks into his eyes and loves him unconditionally. Was she sent to us for this? Who knows. Winston will never be replaced, but our hearts were open, we took another very badly abused dog, and she is giving back far more than I think we can ever give her as do her 2 brothers.

    To you and Your girls Tony, Love and Light is sent from me and mine

  • Lucy Davis-George:

    Lucy in Australia
    Dear Tony,
    I have read so many wonderful words of comfort sent to you on the passing of Kola that there really is nothing more I can add, except to let you know my thoughts are with you. Like so many others, I have known your experience and can understand your grief.
    Thank you for the photos. They are wonderful.

  • Tony,

    I just read about Kola. I started to cry as I had to put my little dog Courtney to sleep a couple of years ago after she had a stroke that took her eyesight and her ability to walk. I still cry each time that I think of her. I know how much he meant to you. I always enjoyed seeing him on your website. I wish you continued success. I also believe that he is with you right now in spirit. I believe this because I myself am half Cherokee. May the Great Spirit keep you and yours protected.

    Take care of yourself.
    Bruce Creamer
    Bryan Publishing

  • Deanna:

    Ahhhh Tony,

    It’s such a sad sad thing to lose a treasured friend. People who don’t have a pet or two in their lives are really missing out on the companionship they bring to you.

    The pictures of Kola are beautiful and a tribute to a wonderful friend.

    Grieve as you need to and don’t let anyone say he was “just a dog”.


  • Gary:

    I am so sorry to hear of your loss of Kola. I know exactly how it feel as I have lost several pets over the years. Kola seemed to be a very special dog. I enjoyed your photos of him from time to time.



  • Vicki:


    So sorry about Kola. I lost my Pepi to cancer a couple of years ago. I know how sad it is to lose a pet. My thoughts are with you.


  • marciovalerio:

    Hi Tony,

    no word is enough in momemnts like that.
    Your words and the comments of all friends are a tribute to the Great Kola.
    Franciscus received Him in Heaven.

  • support:

    I want to thank everyone for you generous and kind words of support and encouragement on behalf of Kola. Never expected a dog could get into your heart like he did mine…he was truly a remarkable animal and will be deeply missed! Thank you, my friends!

  • Dear Tony

    I understand the grief you are going through, and I hope it is not made harder by well meaning friends saying “oh well he was just a dog” or “well you can buy another”! I even got “well you’ve got two others” when I lost one of my 3 babies recently – would they say that to someone who had lost one child of three? Of course I dearly love my other two, they are my children, but they are not substitutes for the one I lost, and indeed they seemed to grieve for him as much as I.

    Of course Kola cannot be replaced, and he will always hold a special place in your heart and memory, and please do take as long as you need to grieve for him whatever anyone might say. You obviously have some wonderful memories of the time you and he shared together, which I hope will help you in these dark days.

    I hope also, that one day you will feel able to open your heart to another – just please, don’t try to ‘replace’ Kola, he was unique and unforgettable, just as your new friend will become once you feel you are able to share your world with one of lifes most wonderful creatures once more.

    In the meantime, all my sympathy is with you

  • Dear Tony,
    Just wanted to say that I sure enjoyed it when you talked about Kola and how you used him on your yard sale sight. I am very sorry that he had to be put down but he would have been very miserable living on with cancer so all of you did the right thing. He is now over the Rainbow Bridge with plenty of room to run and play.

  • I am truly feeling for you at the loss of your long time faithful friend. Having been in this position 3 times over the years, it never is easy. No doubt he knew how well and how deeply you loved him …and he you.

    Peace & Light

  • Hi Tony,

    I am very sorry you had to say good by to your friend Kola.

    It is hard to lose such a special family dog. I still remember when I was just a teen, when we lost our dog Rocky to cancer. He was an amazing dog, beautiful German Shepard, so very smart and witty. We lived in a very remote area at the time, and didn’t have a local vet. So we had to load him onto a plane and fly him 300 miles to a town with a vet. The part that was so hard for me was when he was flown out, I thought he was coming back. But he was put down and we didn’t get to say good by. Since then we have had other dogs and they are great and special in their own ways, but no dog could ever replace Rocky and I am sure you feel that way about Kola too.
    When a loved ones life comes to an end, we have to try not to be too sad, rather we should be thankful for having that wonderful soul in our lives for the time we had.

    Warm regards,


  • Louise:

    Hi Tony,

    I’m behind on my emails and I just found out now about Kola. I’m so saddened. I came to “know” him through your Yard Sales and know how deeply attached you were to him.

    I love animals and I know the pain of losing them. They really are our children.

    Please know that you’re in my heart and prayers.

    With fondness and warmth,


  • Lani:


    With tears in my eyes – I don’t know what to say.
    I am so sorry for your loss of Kola.

  • Bob Spencer:


    I am so sorry for your loss. I wish I could have had a concerned Dad growing up. Mine was an abusive, wife beating drunken alcoholic. I was the luckiest guy in the world that God gave me a loving Mother who died in 1997. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of her.

    Because my Mother couldn’t support us and my father wouldn’t, we (my two brothers and I) were in a home for children for four years.

    All that aside, my life was blessed by a kindly family that took me on vacations with them and the man of the house taught me that women were to be loved and not beaten. Another man was my Uncle who started an Explorer post (part of the boy scouts) another was a bus driver who again showed me with his life and example how “real men” behave. And last but not least was an “almost” stepdad (my Mom never re-married). He taught me some home repair stuff.

    Because of the influence of the family that took me on vacations with them, their son (also Bob) and I became life long friends, hunting and fishing buddies and terror teenagers.

    All in all, I am blessed in life with a (2nd) wife of 33 years and two great kids. You were blessed with a Dad that cared and shared. You are right that he is with all of the friends that preceded him. God is real and we look forward to seeing our loved ones again. Please take comfort in knowing that fact.

    Bob Spencer

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