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I Didn’t See This One Coming…plus the Value of Magazine Ads

I’ve shared before that since tapping into the power of Public Domain magazines…lots of them! Well, my investments are starting to catch up with me. When the mail lady stopped by yesterday to deliver the mail, and yes…MORE magazines, she said that we were receiving too many packages for the size mailbox we have (the normal standard size) and said that we needed to upgrade to a parger size that could handle all the packages (also known as my magazine purchases) or they would stop delivering them to the house. I guess the old Pony Express motto (The Mail Must Go Through) doesn’t apply to the USPS anymore if your mailbox is too small. So folks, you heard it here first: When it comes to your Public Domain magazine purchases, apparently “Size Does Matter!” lol. So I’m heading to Lowes today to upgrade my mailbox…hmmm.

I also wanted to share another tip with you concerning all those magazines you’re buying for your niche. It’s simply this: Do NOT overlook the ads and classifieds in the magazines! Here’s why…

  • Leads for books that may be in the Public Domain. I’ve found several books that perfectly fit my niches from ads that were in the niche-related magazines. As a matter of fact, I just purchased two from eBay this morning.
  • Leads for other potential products. This is an area that I’ve begun to explore more and more. There were some really cool and clever products available back in the day that you don’t see around much now. Here’s WHY that’s important: Utility patents (the most common kind) expire 20 years from the date of filing with the U. S. Patent & Trademark Office, if maintenance fees are paid. Design patents (protects only the ornamental appearance of the object) expire 14 years from the date of filing. A patent cannot be renewed. After a patent expires, anyone may use the invention without the inventor’s permission. This is a million-dollar tip for those with the imagination to go after it!
  • Ad collections. Believe it or not, there are many people that enjoy old ads, and the best place to find them is obviously magazines. Collect them together to create poster prints or CD collections for your niche. It could be yet another great product for your customers.
  • Advertising styles. Some of the great copywriters from the past wrote copy for many of the popular ads of their day. And the copy in its structure and form still holds value today…especially if you’re a student of good copywriting like I am.
  • Clip art. You can find a lot of excellent illustrations in ads that are related to your niche. A niche-related print book, e-book or collection disc could be a perfect addition to your product line. And in case you were wondering if there was any value to creating a product like that, go visit Dover Publications (

Here’s a great magazine ad example for a book now in the Public Domain:


As you move forward with finding and using Public Domain magazines for your content, definitely do NOT forget the ads…they may just be the thing to create your next BIG cashflow!


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