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How Can I Serve You in the Coming Weeks?

One of the worst mistakes any marketer can make is to create a product because you think it’s a great idea and then try to jam it down people’s throats. Sure, you may make a few sales, but you’ll never achieve the kind of success you truly desire with that approach. There are a number of effective ways to identify the best direction to take for product creation in your niche, and one of the most effective methods is to use polls or surveys.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of this method, and to learn exactly what you would like me to focus on in the coming weeks with regard to the Public Domain, I’ve put together a very special survey just for you. It will take about 30-seconds (or less) to complete, and I’ll let you know the results shortly.

You can let your voice be heard HERE:



It’s very important to me that I know exactly what you need to be successful with Public Domain content, so I **REALLY** appreciate you taking a few moments from your day (or evening) to help me serve you more effectively!

Thank you!


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