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Giveaways, Puzzles and Gifts, Oh My!

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the honor of serving you this past year. Hopefully, your insights into the Public Domain have increased dramatically and have led you to success online and off. I will continue to share insights and tips in 2008 that will help you to acheive your  online goals. Some exciting plans are in the works for next year. Here are a few hints:

=> Expert Online Startup Course. Jim and I have decided to approach this differently than we had originally planned in order to make it even MORE  effective for you to succeed! The first lesson  will be available by Jan. 1! It will still be
FREE. As shared before, I will be hosting this course at

=> Info Gold Extreme. This is nearly finished. I’ll be sharing more on this soon!

=> PDX Magazine. I am marrying my Public Domain and marketing knowledge together with my graphic design skills to create a killer new monthly PRINT magazine that will blow away anything you’ve  seen. Watch for a preview soon!

=> And A LOT more that I’m not going to share just yet!


I also want to remind you about a few really cool things that are currently happening!

=>The Christmas Challenge<=
Many of you have already registered for the giveaway I am hosting tomorrow, Christmas Day. Three people will receive copies of EVERY product I have created, as well as every product I ever WILL create! If you haven’t entered yet, go to:

Under the bonuses, you will see an opt-in for the Christmas Challenge. Complete the form and you’ll automatically be entered into the free drawing. No purchase is necessary. Once you’re  in, you’ll also discover a puzzle and a series
of clues. Everyone who solves the puzzle will be led to a very special page where you will gain access to a bounty of free product downloads!

NOTE: You MUST enter the Christmas Challenge by Midnight tonight to be included in the drawing tomorrow! The puzzle, however, will be available after Christmas!

=>Directory Cash Blueprint<=
The price for Directory Cash Blueprint increases to its regular price of $67 on December 26th, so you still have time to save $20!

=>Tony’s Yard Sale<=
Did you unwrap your gifts from me yet? They’re over at my Yard Sale site…right there under the tree. Nothing to buy…just some really cool presents!

To your Christmas success!

The Public Domain Expert

PS – I will announce the winners of the drawing tomorrow evening HERE on my blog! Watch for the special announcement!

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