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Ebay Product Idea #51

This morning, I was spending some time digging around on eBay and discovered #51 in the number of ways you can sell Public Domain products on eBay…actually it wasn’t a new discovery at all. It’s a strategy I’ve used to earn a LOT of income in the past year (over $50k just from this one idea alone). I’ve not applied this strategy to eBay but others have, so I thought I’d share it with you today!


#51 – Lists of data from the Public Domain.

Crete lists comprised of commonly accessable data found in the Public Domain, like addresses stats or websites. 


Copyright Circular 32 says in part:

Copyright does not extend to names, titles, and short phrases or clauses such as column headings or simple checklists. The format, arrangement, or typography of a work is not protected. Furthermore, copyright protection does not extend to works consisting entirely of information that is common property containing no original authorship, for example: standard calendars, height and weight charts, tape measures and rulers, schedules of sporting events, and lists or tables taken from public documents or other common sources.

What that means for you is that you can sell lists of information (such as wholesaler listings) and not have to worry about copyright issues! This is great news and can make you a lot of money, especially when used in creative ways. The initial work may take some research, but once that work is done, you can sell the product over and over and over again…grin. This really is a GEM of an idea! Have fun with it!


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