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Does the Law of Attraction Work on Food?

This past weekend, I was speaking with one of my mentors and our conversation took us in several directions over the course of our two-hour chat. He challenged me about knowing and moving forward in my life’s mission rather than just plan for 2008. He asked some tough questions, and made even tougher suggestions (which is why I talk with him). One of the areas he challenged me in was my diet and the need for me to treat my body in a more healthy, beneficial way. Most of my life I’ve been a stocky kind of guy, so it was hard to hear, but I knew his “encouragements” were right on!

Over the course of the next day, I though a lot about the changes I need to make concerning what I eat and concerning exercise. And then it happened…the Law of Attraction kicked in…well, maybe not the Law of Attraction, but something very curious happened. Here’s what took place on Tuesday…

I helped a friend locate and purchase a Wii video gaming console (something that is very hard to do these days), and in return, he has promised me a free large pizza a month for a year (he owns the pizza shop I eat at down from my office). Also that day, at home, we received a UPS delivery of a cooler full of premium meat (filet minion, gourmet burgers, stuffed sole, etc.) from a former customer of mine, and, on the same day, the building manager for our office building showed up at my office with a big box of candy! All that happened on Tuesday! LOL It was kind of crazy, but also very cool! I emailed my mentor about the windfall of food, and his response, well, challenged me…grin…but I’m still eating the food. Boy was that filet minion good…mmm.


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