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Culture Shifting Creativity

I recently received an e-mail commenting on one of the methodologies I shared on the Creativity Teleseminar ( for activating your creativity in new ways. The methodology was one that I refer to as “Culture Shifting.” The Culture Shifting methodology is an interesting one, and one of my favorites. I’m looking forward to explaining it more during the Creativity Code (  teleseminars next week. It is actually one of the methodologies that has provided some of the greatest breakthroughs for me personally, once I understood it.

We in the West have such a misguided perspective that everyone thinks just like we do…and that’s not true at all. Consider the example I shared during the free teleseminar about how many indigenous tribes are a verb-based society rather than a noun-based society like we are. Then ask yourself the following questions…

  • If I had to look at this situation, business, product, etc. from the sole perspective of verbs (action words), what would it look like?
  • How would it be different if described ONLY with verbs?
  • How does my product, sales copy, etc. engage the customer?

The concept can get a bit deep, but I hope you can see how a view like that could put a creative spin on what you’re working on or doing. I’ll give you another really simple, but powerful example. When I say the word “Rain”, you are most likely inclined to think noun…it’s the droplets that fall from the sky. But rain is SO much more:

  • There are smells attached to it
  • It’s active (falling from the sky)
  • It contains life that results in the growth of our plants
  • Science has proven that water can be “programmed” with positive and negative energy
  • And so on.

Now take THAT idea and apply it to product creation! It’s NOT just a product:

  • It contains information, some original, some not, but not just words…active knowlege
  • It touches the lives of others and creates interactive emotions, results, etc. resulting, perhaps in one or many people finally “getting it”, the result of which means their bills get paid or achieving the freedom they deserve
  • The product sets a tone in someone’s mind that could result in a new friendships or the finding of an answer they didn’t know they needed
  • The product creates a feeling of trust in your customer, which is vital to business success
  • And MUCH more… 

These are all actions tied up in ANY product. Now let me ask you this: How would seeing YOUR new product from this perspective…from the perspective of a verb….change how you create it, market it, talk about it, etc. See the difference? It’s NOT just a product (noun), it’s a product (verb)…active, interactive, connecting and changing those it touches. It’s powerful!

Now here is the REALLY cool thing about Culture Shifting…the VERB example is just one example that comes from this methodology. There are other perspectives equally as powerful that reside within the unique worldviews of others. I’ll be sharing more about those in the Creativity Code Teleseminars next week. You REALLY need to sign-up for them…it’ll change your business!


One Response to “Culture Shifting Creativity”

  • Hi Tony,

    I find your material to be very useful and interesting.

    I do, however, have one complaint. You’ve cost me money. Yes, above and beyond the product costs – which I regard as an investment in my education – last week you cost me about a hundred bucks.

    “How, Elmer”, you may ask, “did I do that?” It’s simple.

    I like to listen to seminars while driving. Generally I burn a CD, pop it in the player in my pick-up and go merrily down the road. Not easily done with your teleseminars. You and Mike Sigers went on forever. Your creativity seminar was also too long for a CD. I’m not even going to mention the Mark Hendricks bonus – except to say it is excellent.

    Because of all this great stuff (which I really wanted to listen to) I had to go to BestBuy and purchase a MP3 player and cassette adapter doohickey so I could listen through my truck stereo.

    So, almost 400 bucks later (I saw a 22″ monitor that insisted on coming home with me, too), I’m able to learn while driving.

    I told my wife it was all (including the monitor :)) your fault.

    Thanks for the excellent information,

    Warm regards,


    PS. K. Riley said say “hi”.

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