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Creativity Teleseminar Replay Posted

Hey there. I’ve posted the Creativity Teleseminar from Monday night for your listening enjoyment. We covered a LOT of ground and shared some key insights on the methods I use to connect with Creativity. Why is creativity SO important? Simple! It’s the one thing that can take ANY situation and turn it into a WIN-WIN situation for you…if you know how to activate it and use it! You can find out HOW to do that by listening to the Creativity Teleseminar here (it’s free!):

While you’re there, make sure you check out the Teleseminar Special. On May 27 & 28, I am taking the subject of creativity even deeper with The Creativity Code. Listen, success in business (or anything else for that matter)┬ácomes down to a simple code. I call it the Creativity Code. The Creativity Code is simply this:

Creative Innovation + Inspired Action = Abundant Success

In the Creativity Code, I’ll be picking up where I left off with the first Creativity Teleseminar (which is why you need to listen to it) and dig deep into the 30+ methodologies I use for activating my creativity and how I apply it to my business and personal ventures. To get in on the fun (and take your business and personal life to the next level), check out the Creativity Code:

See you there!

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