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Christmas Challenge Update

There are few changes I need to tell you about concerning the release of Directory Cash Blueprint and my Christmas Challenge.

First, the Christmas Challenge…to make everything more fun for everyone (and to make sure I stay within the confines of the legal system), I’ve had to make some changes to the contest. I’ve decided to open up the Christmas Challenge to  everyone with no purchase necessary. Updated rules will be included on the website and in the revised Christmas Challenge e-book. I also needed to make changes to how the  prizes will be awarded and what prizes will be offered.

The Christmas prizes will be awarded by random drawing on Christmas Day from the names of all those who opted-in to the Christmas Challenge at the Directory Cash Blueprint website (that includes you). The prizes to be awarded will be as follows:

Three (3) winners will receive:

A copy of all my existing products and all future products created by me over the course of my lifetime in business. This will include products from every niche I’m involved with. This will be a huge package!

Due to legal restrictions, I cannot include the cash payout I had hoped to include, sorry!

Now concerning the solution to the puzzle itself:

The solving of the puzzle is NOT a part of the giveaway on Christmas Day, but still offers “great wealth” to the ones who solve its mystery. For those who solve the puzzle…its solution directs you to a secret website where you will have access to a special product package that I think you’re going to like. I won’t say what it is, but it’s worth your while and available
to everyone who solves the puzzle.

I’ve uploaded the final puzzle to the original download site, along with the Directory Cash Blueprint Preview copy. To get your copy (if you haven’t already signed up), go to:

This updated version has the latest version of the contest rules so you can get to work on the puzzle’s solution. The puzzle isn’t easy, but I will be offering free hints, clues and tips to help you solve it.

Which brings me to my next update…

Directory Cash Blueprint is on schedule to launch Friday, December 14th at NOON. You will not be disappointed! This may be the best product I’ve created yet (I know I’m happy with it!).

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