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Christmas CASH!

On December 4th, I am launching a very special Christmas promotion where one lucky person could receive up to $500 CA.SH or MORE from me through Paypal on Christmas Day! Wouldn’t THAT make for a great Christmas surprise? I’ll share more details on how it will work on December 1st, but I will tell you this much…it will involve solving a very special kind of puzzle. (HINT: I’m a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes and mysteries about buried treasure).

More details to come December 1st!

Also, if you haven’t stopped by my Yard Sale yet to pick up the special physical products I am offering this week for my Black Friday sale, I suggest that you do so by THIS Fridayfor TWO important reasons:

1) On Friday, I am removing the physical products from the Yard Sale and you will not see them again at those prices.

2) Everyone who purchases any of the physical products automatically qualifies to participate in the Christmas promotion.
What that means for you is that you will get a head start on solving the special puzzle, thus increasing your chances of
winning. It also means you’ll save some money on some great products! So look at it as a secret advantage because you’re
on my list. Oh, and if you’ve already ordered one or more of the physical products, don’t worry, you’re in!

Go here now:

To your Christmas success!

The Public Domain Expert

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