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Are You Making Money From Public Domain Images Yet?

Did you ever notice that none of the gurus talk about making money with image-based products. All the buzz is Video, Audio and Text, and you can certainly make a TON of money with these. But when it comes to images, they say nothing. Do you think it’s because, when many people think of making money with images, they get this image in their mind of peddling t-shirts from Cafepress or cutesy greeting cards printed out on your inkjet printer? Perhaps…but that’s not why I’m telling you about Public Domain images and how to make money from them.

Honestly, if you’re not creating (and selling) image-based products in some form, you’re leaving a LOT of money on the table. And here’s the thing…this type of product sells so well that I actually have people e-mail me and ask that I not tell anyone about their websites or their methods.

My buddy George takes Public Domain images of Native Americans and prints them on leather and then sells the new “work of art” for hundreds of dollars…and he can’t keep them in stock. In the book, I tell you how he does it. There’s another guy quietly making hundreds of dollars EVERY day selling image collections on eBay. Another guy is making nearly $20,000 per month selling poster prints of Public Domain images. I personally have made thousands of dollars selling copies of maps, photos and more. Another person is making a killing selling copies of old patent drawings. I could go on and on.

The cool part about Public Domain images is that there are¬† millions…tens of millions…of photos, fine art and illustrations
available for you to use. In “Easy Money Picture Project”, I share over 90 websites (the best ones) where you can find and
download Public Domain images. I also tell you everything I’ve learned about using Public Domain images from my 20+ years¬†experience working in the printing and publishing industries.

I talk about:

=> Where to find them online and offline

=> What to do with them once you’ve found them

=> How to profit from them

=> Who your potential customers are

=> And more!

If you want to stop missing out on a money-maker that no one is willing to talk about (except for me), then invest in your
copy of Easy Money Picture Project today and find out just how easy it is to cash in with Public Domain images.


One Response to “Are You Making Money From Public Domain Images Yet?”

  • Bart Vyvey:

    On a side note:
    If you buy anything with pictures in it (for example website templates) make sure that the included pictures have been licensed to resell…
    An intresting post about that is on the warrior forum:

    You DON’T want to be sued for image copyright violation.

    And I think it’s safe to extend this to any copyrighted publication…
    For GREAT tips on this matter: read Tony’s Public Domain Code Book: :-)

    Antwerp, Belgum

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