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And the Winners Are…

Hello everyone,

We have our winners for the Christmas Challenge drawing! This afternoon, after a wonderful Christmas meal prepared by my sister, I had my Dad draw three names (from over 500 entries) out of my official Indiana Jones fedora.


And the three names he drew are as follows:

Publicus Domainus

Kevin (laj)

John Randolph

Congratulations to the three of you! You will be receiving copies of all my current products, digital and physical, as well as all the future products I create! Way to go! I also want to thank everyone who participated in the Christmas Challenge drawing. Of course, the “Old Fisherman’s Net” puzzle continues with the final clue being revealed later this evening. I’ve invited in a guest expert to help all of you with the puzzle’s solution.

On a personal note…I want to thank you all once again for all the prayers, thoughts and encouragement for my Dad. We’re thankful that he was well enough to enjoy the holiday with all of us, but his battle with the cancer continues. As you can imagine, the last few days have been very special for us. Even though Dad was unable to read the Christmas story this year (a family tradition of over 40 years), I was honored to be able to carry on the tradition this year in his stead. We don’t know what the future will hold, but we have right now to cherish, just like the rest of you. If I’ve learned nothing else this year, it’s this simple yet profound lesson: Live for the day!

I wish each of you a blessed Christmas, Huanakah, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day, and any other special times of celebration you might honor this time of year!


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