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Ancient Chinese Art from the Public Domain

My wife and I were at an art show of sorts today and I was able to pick up a fantastic piece of ancient Chinese art that is definitely in the Public Domain. Below is a scan of the beautiful “painting” that I purchased:


But there is some extra-special about this artwork that you should know. It WASN’T painted by a heroic samurai warrior or a zen priest. It actually pre-dates all that history for one simple reason…it’s a slice of picture marble (rock) that was found in Guanzi Province in China. It’s amazing how Nature does such an amazing job at creating beauty, and even MORE amazing that this “artwork” actually has the look and feel of ancient Chinese art. Of course, since it IS┬átechnically a piece of rock, it cannot be copyrighted, placing it firmly in the Public Domain! I think there might be a book in there somewhere! BTW, the “art show” was a rock and mineral show…I’m a bigtime rockhound!


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