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A New Report and a Special Magazine Announcement…

I’ve been busy working some brand-new, no-cost gifts for you. You’re going to love these!

First, I just uploaded a brand-new report called, “Innovation & Creativity: The Keys to Product Creation Success.” In this report I share my own methods for tapping into creativity and innovation for product development and creation. You can grab this freebie report at the Yard Sale.

While you’re at the Yard Sale site, you’re also going to want to check out another treat I’m making available to you. It’s a digital sneak peek of my upcoming, new PRINT magazine called, “PDX Magazine.” You can find out more details at the Yard Sale site, but I’ll tell you now, this magazine is going to change how marketing magazines are created and designed…AND it will also provide a ton of valuable articles, reviews, strategies and more. Claim your own sneak peek copy at the Yard Sale:

To your continued success!

Tony Laidig
The Public Domain Expert

16 Responses to “A New Report and a Special Magazine Announcement…”

  • Jenny:

    Hi Tony this looks a great magazine but I am one of your UK subscribers, will it be available to us either as Print or maybe digital download to keep costs down?

    I would like to compliment you on your clear, well written reports. You make the Public Domain a fascinating area. From a newbie – Thank You.

  • support:

    Hi Jenni,

    You touched on one of the logistics I’m working on right now…what my options are for that exact scenario. I really appreciate my non-US subscribers and have many in the UK, so I am motivated to address this in the best way possible. As time draws closer to the PDX launch, I’ll share my plans in more detail. I can tell you this much, a digital version of every issue will be made available in the membership area, so that every legacy member (and future new member) will have access to all the issues digitally. Thanks!


  • Verna Kennedy:

    Hi Toni:

    Your sneak preview is exciting. I want to learn about Public Domain and how to use the material.

    I-ve gotten a little bit of information, but I’m new at this and have not gotten started.

    Sounds like your magazine may have what I need.

    Good Luck with your new venture.



  • Hi Tony.

    I’ve enjoyed your great advice and look forward to more. The magazine sound good and I can’t wait to see more.

    One thing I would like to learn more about is how to find out if something is in public domain without having to pay the large search fees. Where to search PD records, how to understand just what it is I’m looking at in the PD records.

    Something like that would be a great opening article for the magazine.

    Keep up the good work,

  • This is so exciting. I love to have magazines to read and study while I’m away from the computer.

    A full print magazine such as this is just the ticket.

    The preview is gorgeous. I know you will be working so hard to make this a reality!

    Using resources form the Public Domain has been a huge time and money saver for niche marketers like myself.

    The information you share… and the priceless help you give is powerful stuff.

    I can just visualize standing in my local bookstore and finding the latest copy of PDX on the stands.

    Magazines are better than books on this subject… as the information will be up to date and timely.

    Again… congratulations on your new venture… I can’t wait to see the finished product!

  • Am eagerly looking forward to seeing the first issue. Both my daughter and I will make ample use of this new publication

  • Tony;

    I have one problem with your magazine. It is just too Beautiful. I mean, I would want to get this magazine just because it looks so good. (Sort of like me. :-)) But seriously, I can tell you have put in a LOT of work to make this one great mag and if you put as much effort into providing good content as you do with the graphics, this will truly be a “must have” for those of us who use public domain materials.

  • Michele:


    Brilliant! Your presentations are IMHO the best.
    Engaging, Informative, Extremely Helpful for us “newbies” and Visually Very Appealing. Regarding the PDX Magazine, I’ll be looking for suggestions on the best software (OCR etc.), scanners, printers and any other resources that will enable me to produce and market my collection of 100’s of antique and vintage needlework books, a daunting project for me.

    You’ve certainly established yourself as The Expert in the Public Domain publishing field and I’ll be looking to your information for continued guidance and direction.

    Many thanks,
    Michele LaFlamme

  • Bill:

    Hi Tony,

    as one of your UK subscribers I have the impression that there is less hard copy material available here in some fields e.g. magazines, children’s works. Perhaps some articles dealing with the process of where and how to research what’s available would be useful.
    I also suspect that there’s very little digital material in the magazine field (though I hope I’m wrong).
    Looking forward to the first issue in whichever format it’s delivered in the UK.

  • Comments re PDX preview:

    Enjoyed the preview excerpt; look forward to the initial release of your PD magazine, and subscription terms.

    Continue your excellent work. Enjoy it all.

  • Catherine Rzecki:

    Hi, Tony,

    I think I’ll frame the first copy of the Magazine and hang it on the wall at home. It’s stunning!

    I couldn’t stop looking at it.

    I’ll be wanting to look for anything that relates to home and family, plus crafts and scrapbooking. That’s where my interests lie, and what I plan to centre my marketing business around.

    I also like the idea of having some of the pictures made into postcards or posters, and plan to speak with some printers about costs.

    Well done, Tony. You’ve achieved perfection!

    Regards, and thanks for everything,

    Catherine Rzecki

  • April:

    Hi Tony,

    As usual your graphics are brilliant and the magazine looks fantastic. Like the two comments above it would be great to have some UK related articles etc.


  • Jim:

    Just had a chance to look at the sneek peek. Looks great, can’t wait until the magazine is published.


  • Super looking magazine – having published a ‘real life’ paper magazine in the past I know what an achievement it is – hope it all works out for you. I’ve been interested in PD for a long time, but have never got around to doing anything with it, your stuff is easy on the eye, and I know I will make use of your teaching soon.

  • Tony, is there any chance you would re-post the sneak preview (or anything else that had been posted on the yard sale in the past few months)? Some of us just found out about you thru the Easter Giveaway, and would love to get our hands on some of the stuff mentioned on this blog. It’s not nice to tease us that way.

    Any news as to when the PDX magazine will be available for purchase?

  • Sorry, but my lame webmail service rejected all the emails from your site for almost two months.

    Never got the opportunity to see the PDX email or stuff related thereto.

    So, I guess this comment is “neutral” on the subject.

    I can say, however, all the other information I found to be extremely valuable and informative.

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