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A New Case Study

Over the past week or so, I’ve been sharing about my new Master Web Templates and how much time, money and effort they can save you. Well, I decided to try something different with them.

I just updated my Yard Sale site with some of the best-selling products I’ve offered there over the past several months. One of those products, Word to Web Page, is a sweet little program that can save you a TON of time and effort in creating web pages from Microsoft Word documents. It ALSO just happens to be compatible with my templates!

SO…here’s what I did…

I took one of my favorite Public Domain books, “Sacred Formulas of the Cherokee” (of course, this will work with ANY Public Domain book…hint) and plugged it into Word to Web Page, along with a modifed version of one of my templates (yes…you can modify them however you choose). The ENTIRE process of setting everything up, including modifying
the graphics, took me less than 20 minutes! Want to see the result? It’s posted at the Yard Sale!

And did I mention that Word to Web Page is only $7 dollars…yeah…this is one of those no-brainer deals! See you there!


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