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A Day in the Life…

I thought I’d share some of my recent photos of things happening around my neck of the woods. Sometimes, we can become so consumed with the busyness of business that we forget to enjoy the moment. Here are a few of my moments…


The shot above is early morning from my front yard.
This is what I get to enjoy every morning…in all it’s tranquility!


 Here is my famous (or perhaps, infamous) husky, Kola, you know, the dog I “pimp out” at Tony’s Yard Sale ( Here he is in his domain AND his element…the side yard with snow. He LOVES the snow and would stay out in it for hours if I’d let him. BTW…I’ve been working on a new secret project with Kola…you’re going to definitely get a “kick” out of it. I don’t want to give too much away just yet, but let your imagination run with the title of the project: “Kola, the Amazing Ninja Dog.” It’s going to be a blast!


Recently, our town celebrated one of their most popular annual events, the IceFest. It’s where many of the area business sponser Ice Sculptures as a way of promoting their business. There are dozens of sculptures, street vendors, fireworks…it’s pretty cool (no pun intended). The event is huge and draws a lot of people into town over the course of the few days it’s held. The picture above is a photo I took during the IceFest of the office building where my offices are located. The photos included below are a few of my favorite sculptures from locations around the Square near the office.

ice2.jpg ice1.jpg 

I’ll be honest…the snow and ice are beautiful this time of year, but I am READY for Spring…how about you?

Have fun!


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