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Interactive Content Creation: An Experiment

This morning, I had a 5-hour drive to pick up my daughter. When I first began my drive, I thought about the different types of business-related activities I’ve accomplished while being on a long drive. Stuff like coaching calls, teleseminars, masterminds and other phone-related activities (I strongly recommend using a headset or bluetooth device so you can keep both hands free) came to mind. I have also created videos while driving…the camera was on the dashboard. Of course, long drives are also a great time to catch up on audio training and audio books (something I do quite regularly).

Then I got an idea. I wondered if I could create a different type of content while I was driving by using the interactive power of Facebook. So I pulled off the road, made a post to my Facebook wall using my iPad and asked for responses. The results were pretty cool, and showed just how powerful (and fun) interactive, user-generated content can be.

Below is the actual dialog from my Facebook wall from earlier today. The conversation will likely continue to grow. Occasionally you will see where I interjected additional thoughts. Those were the times I stopped for breaks. Enjoy the dialog and feel free to join in below in the comments!

Tony Laidig: While I’ve been driving, I’ve been thinking about the things that cause us to think or act irrationally (not including alcohol and controlled substances…grin). A couple ideas…seeing a friend or family member in danger. As a guy…women…lol. How about you? What makes you do things that defy logic or reason?

Heddy Rhea: Anxiety…and stress.

Heddy Rhea: And should you be doing this while you are driving?? :)

Tony Laidig: At a service plaza…grin.

Monty Craig: Seeing a Semi coming toward me as I am thinking too deeply while driving! Ha ha…

Kristen Eckstein: Dealing with a psychotic client who expects a best-seller quality book cover in less than 10 seconds & bugs me every 5 seconds for it until it’s ready. (I bet you can relate, Tony!)

Apothecary Jeri: Government agencies come to mind ……MVA, USPS …not that it ever happens to me of course :p

Therese Sparby: Things that defy logic or reason?!?!? I do this all the time… Every time I make a commitment that requires faith, and I follow my instinct. (for example- becoming an entrepreneur and building a business to many people… often including myself… defys both reason and logic) :-)

Laureen Falco: I would say one of the things I’ve done to defy logic or reason was to skydive. I’m one of the few – that didn’t really enjoy my tandem jump – and that one minute free fall felt like a lifetime – especially when you’re thinking that this is the stupidest thing I’ve ever done! Had I had a great time – it would have been exhilarating. But the whole time, it was being filmed, and I kept trying so hard to keep my lunch down.

Elaine Ireland: Seeing my kids/grand kids do something that I KNOW is going to hurt them and not being able to do/say anything to prevent it. Sooo, I go do something stupid to compensate for it. Silly, huh?

Tony Laidig: Great comments everyone! Here are a few more I thought of (no I’m not typing this while driving). Unresolved emotions or trauma (like road rage), fight or flight scenarios, fear, faith, peer pressure and my personal favorite…chocolate.

Elaine Ireland: Since when is chocolate…anything, but GOOD for body, mind and soul?

Tony Laidig: True Elaine…but it still makes me act irrationally at times…especially when I NEED it. lol

Heidi Walter: Interesting, chocolate has never made me act irrationally. Must be my genetics. LOL.

Cathy Colonna Rogers: KIDS – Especially your own. They have a way of getting you so frustrated in an argument you can’t even put together a coherent sentence!

Tony Laidig: BTW…I am not suggesting that these triggers will always lead to irrational behavior or will do so in all people. I also realize that “irrational” is subjective. I just find it fascinating that there are influences that can control us with…out explanation. That said, here are some more possible triggers I thought of: Self-preservation, belief in a cause, a need to belong or fit in, the supernatural, organized groups or religions, chemical imbalances or food allergies, group devotion (like sports fans…grin). Any other thoughts?See More

Taylore Vance: This is Scary and we need to realize that this is behind unrest…and social problems including substance abuse — why try if you are hopeless? (Good question)

Heidi Walter: Oh, Tony, you’ll have to get Maxine Jones’ book on agreements when it comes out later this fall. I am editing it now. It’s all about the conscious and unconscious agreements we make, like aging (which doesn’t have to happen) and needing food to survive (That was a human consciousness agreement that built up over the centuries). Fascinating and empowering stuff. We don’t know the title yet, but I’ll be writing about it once it’s ready.

Audrey Spiegel: All great comments and insight….I’d like to add insecurity. Oh, and being hungry and tired.

Susan L. Strahosky: My predominate psychic sense is feeling. I’ve realized it can make me feel crazy when I feel things. I’m aware of things, but there is not physical or outward validation. Like there’s an elephant in the room and everyone else is in denial.

Debby Hall: Love…any and all kinds, romantic, parental, friendships. Logic and reason can go out the window when it comes to love and that’s not necessarily a bad thing:)

Audio Is Dead? Hmmm…

I had a fun e-mail discussion over the weekend with one of my subscribers who promptly informed me that audio is dead. Guess I missed that memo…apparently, so did iTunes, Rhapsody, Audible, TuneCore and a ton of other highly successful audio websites. Actually, I guess AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile missed it too, since pretty much ALL our cell phones count on AUDIO. Then there are all the millions of MP3 players out there…oh…and all the radio and satellite radio stations. And let’s not forget my favorite,…as well as, and…guess they missed it too.

The truth is that audio is here to stay…it isn’t going anywhere, which is why YOU need to be creating it. Now, in all fairness, this guy is a TV guy…has stations and everything. I guess I’m wondering though what his viewership would be like if he didn’t include the audio component of his broadcasts…grin. I’m guessing it would be less.

Don’t get me wrong…in a lot of respects, video IS important…heck…Lord knows I’m using a lot of it (have you SEEN my blog lately?). But you STILL need to understand audio to make video effective. For example, what if you want to add background music to your video file? What if you need to include a voice-over in that new how-to video? You kinda need to understand audio. And THAT’S why you need to understand how to Create Audio Products! THAT’S also why I shared my knowledge about the subject!

The great news is that you can STILL grab your copy of Create Audio Products at the introductory price…but ONLY for 12 more hours. The price increases to the regular price at Midnight EST, January 25th. Better hurry!

BTW – For the record…I’m GLAD this subscriber contacted me…I appreciate his feedback and insights…yours too! My greatest hope is to see you create successful audio and video projects and products…and audio is key to both. Time to get started with it!

Create Audio Products

PD-TV Bonus: Creating Audio Products Anywhere

Hey there…I wasn’t planning to release another video so soon. But, while I was at lunch with my Mom today, I was thinking about how easy it really can be to create audio products…even at lunch with your Mom…grin. So I handed Mom the video camera and recorded this short video to demonstrate the process. BTW, below is also the audio I recorded on the video.

Here is the audio I recorded on the video…

To discover how YOU can Create Audio Products and take advantage of an exploding product creation opportunity, click the link below and learn the secrets, step-by-step!

Create Audio Products

The Ultimate Public Domain Q&A Teleseminar…Special Offer!

A few months back, I hosted a Public Domain Q&A Teleseminar series where I answered questions from my subscribers. The experience was amazing! Between two calls, I shared for nearly 5 hours, brain-dumping all my knowledge on how to use the proven content of the Public DOmain effectively in your business. Here is what a few of the attendees had to say:

“As I write this, I’m listening to the teleseminar. It is without a doubt one of the best I’ve ever listened to. Listening to the conversation between you and Mike is like all three of us sitting in the den or living room having a conversation. Well, OK, you guys are having the conversation and I’m the wide-eyed kid sitting, quietly, listening and absorbing every word. Right now you’re speaking of content. And “content” is what this seminar is. Period. My sincere thanks to both of you for an enjoyable and extremely useful experience.”

 “We were able to join the replay of your fantastic teleseminar. The ten questions you answered were loaded with valuable information. It certainly was the best, most informative teleseminar that we have ever attended, and we thought the one in which Jim Edwards interviewed you was pretty solid. You really unloaded all or maybe most of your secrets to the giant Pandora’s box of public domain.”

“I listened to the whole seminar and yours was the best seminar with the most information that I have ever attended, and I have attended many.”

As you can tell, we had a great time! Ultimate Public Domain Q&A Teleseminar normally sells for just $97…an extremely low price for all the insights you receive, but I decided that, as a way of saying THANKS to you, I am going to offer a 40% discount on the series. Simply follow the link below…it will take you to the salesletter for Ultimate Public Domain Q&A Teleseminar. Click the ORDER button, and on the Checkout Page, enter the coupon code: TELECALL-1 in the space provided and click “Apply.” That will reduce your price by 40% and give you access to amazing content at an even MORE amazing price! Thank you! Here’s that link:


A Little of This Can Mean a LOT of That…

I wanted to remind you that my new teleseminar series, The Creativity Code begins tomorrow night. Creativity is SO vital to your business and personal success, but more than that, it’s knowing what to DO with that creativity that’s your key to success. Remember…

Creative Innovation + Inspired Action = Abundant Success

Let me ask you…have you ever come up with a terrific idea but never followed through on it, only to discover at a later time that someone else created the SAME product or idea as you had except they’re making the money from it? That feeling sucks, doesn’t it?! I’ve had that happen several times. Perhaps you have to. You see a new product or idea and you
turn to whomever and say, “Hey, I thought of that before…I knew it would be a hit!” There’s just one problem…it’s not YOU making the money. It’s the other guy. So much for your brilliant idea. It’s making HIM rich, while you still struggle!

In The Creativity Code, I am going to share, not only over 30 different ways to tap into that powerful force of creativity within you, but I’m also going to share how to take action in ways that guarantee you’ll never have to feel that burn of being “ripped-off” again. The key is to take inspired action…and I’m going to share what it is and how to act now.

Speaking of inspired action…it’s time that you take inspired action right now by signing up for The Creativity Code teleseminar series. Take charge of your business again and end the cycle of disappoint and hesitation. Of course, you could still continue to watch other people make money from YOUR ideas while you struggle. It’s up to you.

You can choose to try to figure this all out yourself, or you can save yourself a lot of time and frustration by learning from someone who’s been there and can guide you through The Creativity Code process. Personally, I believe you’re one of the smart ones, so I look forward to having you join me Tuesday and Wednesday evening. And if you have committments…no worries…I’m recording everthing and having it transcribed. So you won’t miss a thing!

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