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What Are You Waiting For?

Creating products using the proven content of the Public Domain makes it SO easy to begin selling information products online (or offline for that matter). What amazes me, however, is how FEW people actually take the leap. They get excited about the prospect of creating their own products, find great Public Domain content, even begin working on “their” project…and that’s where it stops. And of course, you can’t make money from a “product” that sits on your hard drive. SO, I want to know why…what is it that holds YOU back? What is it that YOU are waiting for? Is it the delivery process? The product creation process? The sales letter? I want to hear what’s holding you back…because…as I always say in my e-mails, I am “committed to your ongoing success!”

So share your comments below and I will answer each one!

Car and Motorcycle Magazines in the Public Domain

Hey all you car and cycle buffs…if you’re looking for content for your car and motorcycle niches, you may want to consider magazine content from Public Domain Magazines. I’ve compiled a huge list of magazines related to cars and motorcycles for you to mine for content. You’ll want to make sure you do your copyright research, but I can tell you that most (if not all) the magazines are in the Public Domain. Have fun!


Download the Car and Motorcycle Magazine List HERE!