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Public Domain…Shoes?

Here’s a cool opportunity for all you who love Public Domain artwork and photos…now you can use them to create your own SHOES! Zazzle has teamed up with Keds to create an on-demand system for designing your own sneakers. You can check it out here:

┬áMy ONLY disappointment with it is that you can only create women’s and children’s shoes…bummer. I can see where this could be addicting. The price point is a bit high (it starts at $60), but then again, you’re designing your own shoes!! If they add men’s sneakers, I’m going to lose a LOT of money and have a LOT of sneakers…lol. Then you’ll have to call me Tony, the Bad-Ass Shoe Pimp. I think I’m going to e-mail them.

BTW…while I was at UnSeminar5 this past weekend, I had the thrill of getting to know Eric Farewell…amazing marketer and equally amazing photographer. Eric offered to shoot new headshots for me so I took him up on it. The result is below. If the boy can make this mug look good, he MUST be freakin’ brilliant!