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Another Untapped Source of Proven Content?

Over the past several years, I’ve explored pretty much every type of content available in the Public Domain, from books and magazines to patents, videos and more. In that time, I concluded that I had pretty much seen it all…that there were no new surprises available for me to discover. Recently, I discovered I was wrong.

I put together a two-page report that explains my discovery. Don’t let the small page count fool you…what I’m revealing in these two pages is HUGE! Find out for yourself!


Succeeding with Physical Products: It’s in the Numbers!

As information product developers, we often spend a lot of time trying to get traffic to our websites so that we can increase sales. More traffic = more sales…or so the theory goes. But we often get SO focused on “digital products” and “traffic getting” that we miss some huge opportunities for capitalizing on massive traffic that already exists. The catch, however, is that to benefit from this traffic, we need to sell PHYSICAL products, not digital ones (with one exception which I’ll address later).

I love creating digital products as much as the next person. They’re fast and easy to manage. But with the abundance of “physical product” traffic that is available, it’s time to re-think your product creation process. The truth is, that in many cases, your digital products can easily make the jump to physical with minimal effort. You will understand what I mean when I reveal the traffic sources.

I’ve been conducting a LOT of research and testing on sites like the ones I’m about to share BECAUSE of the traffic volume they receive…that’s the ONLY reason. The numbers are simply too big to ignore! As a matter of fact, I will go so far as to say that if you are not selling on ALL (or at least most) of the sites I’m about to mention, you’re missing a huge opportunity to boost your income. And the BEST news (as far as I’m concerned) is that Public Domain-based products are PERFECT for these sites! What websites am I talking about? Here is the list along with their traffic numbers (from

  • (82.1 Million Visitors per Month)
  • (67.2 Million Visitors per Month)
  • (6.5 Million Visitors per Month)
  • (5.7 Million Visitors per Month)
  • (5.2 Million Visitors per Month)
  • (1.9 Million Visitors per Month)

When it comes to selling physical products, the above sites are the cream of the crop. There are addition sites out there with traffic numbers under a million per month, but these six sites should be a part of your product-selling strategy…period…simply because of the traffic. Think about it, is it easier to create a river or stand in the middle of one? Obviously the latter approach is easier. By offering your products on the sites above, that is essentially what you’re doing…standing in the flow of their existing traffic!

So…what should you be selling there? Be smart and do your research. Find out what people are already buying and them sell them more of the same! Most of the sites offer best-seller listings…use them! And with today’s on-demand technologies, turning Public Domain content into physical products to sell couldn’t be easier!

Here are a few places to begin your research on the top three sites:

Content Marketing and the Public Domain

Now more than ever before, the key to reaching your audience is to provide them with high-quality, ongoing beneficial content. The day of junk articles and spun content are pretty much over (thank God!). If you think about, it makes sense that your reader would WANT to read something of quality…that’s what YOU want too, right? Of course you do! Nothing you hate worse than to find a website that “hopefully” has the answer you’re looking for, only to find out it’s a spam site designed to get traffic and siphon your money. There will always be those who try to scam the system (not to mention you and I) but you know better…especially when you consider that your content marketing has a great friend in the Public Domain!

When you consider that there are over 85 million books, 200,000+ magazine titles, 5.5 million patents, billions of images and more, content for your site (not to mention your articles, products, autoresponders, etc.) should be a no-brainer! Think about this…we are talking about PROVEN content! It’s already been written by experts and read by thousands if not tens of thousands of readers (just like your target audience). This content was subjected to peer-review, editors and publishers whose desire was to share the best writing on the topic at hand. WHY? Because they knew that if the articles in their magazine sucked, readership would drop and their advertisers would lose money. If the books they published were crap, no one would buy them. Remember, there was no Internet 50+ years ago…LOTS of people read so publishers HAD to produce quality content. Content marketing was just as relevant then as it is today!

Honestly, as a content publisher, you really have NO excuse to struggle with writing blog posts or offering quality content to your readers, prospects and customers! To gain further insight on how to use Public Domain content as a part of your content marketing strategy, be sure to check out these related articles found elsewhere on my blog:

Sell Quality and the Price Won’t Matter

The Previous Post Was a Lesson

Limitless Content

The Gospel According to Magazines

Public Domain Content from Similar Sites

Okay, I admit it, I am a research addict! Being a good researcher can be a great strength…but at times, a weakness as well. It can be SO easy and tempting to get distracted by ALL the goodies you find! Because of this, I tend to rely on tools that help me find the content or information I’m looking for as quickly and as efficiently as possible. The tool I want to share with you today is one such amazing research tool. It’s a website that has become one of my favorites. As a reader of this blog, YOU have benefited from the research gleaned using this tool many times, and so, after today, you will gain the same benefit (and edge) that I have leveraged into content creation, articles and much more.

To be honest, I share this website with you reluctantly BECAUSE it’s such an amazing research tool. I don’t like giving away ALL my secrets. In this case, however, I’ll make the exception so that you can benefit from it as I have!

The website I’m referring to is SimilarSites ( It’s a search engine of sorts that enables you to find other websites that are similar to the website you type into the search box. I use this website’s search strategy in many different ways, but I’ll share one key method with you today as it relates to the Public Domain. You can use it to find similar and related content sites! Here’s what I mean.

For our example, I typed in the well-known Public Domain content site, I don’t do much with the content from Project Gutenberg, but figured that there may be other sites out there RELATED to it that may offer more great content. BINGO! I was right. Upon conducting the search, here are the results I received…nearly ALL of them offer content from the Public Domain in one form or another:

Similar Sites to Gutenberg.Org

  • – Free eBooks for your PDA, iPhone, or eBook Reader (
  • LibriVox (
  • The Online Books Page (
  • | Download free Fiction, Marketing,electronic publishing ebooks (
  • Bibliomania – Free Online Literature and Study Guides (
  • Online Books, Poems, Short Stories – Read Print (
  • Great Books Online — Encyclopedia, Dictionary, Thesaurus and hundreds more (
  • – Thousands of Full-Text Free Books (
  • etext center: collections (
  • Feedbooks: Food for the mind (
  • Page By Page Books. Read Classic Books Online, Free. (
  • Free eBooks at Planet eBook – Classic Novels and Literature You’re Free to Share (
  • Munseys : A Bangsian Fantasy (
  • DP: Welcome (
  • World eBook Fair (
  • World Public Library Association (
  • » Library to the world (
  • eBooks@Adelaide: Free Web Books, Online (
  • The Burgomeister’s Books: Truly free ebook download library (#1) (

Of course, as you can see in the screen-capture image, you also have the ability to also conduct similar site searches on every result as well…meaning that you could find a LOT of related websites in a very short period of time. Told you this was an amazing tool! What make this tool even MORE fun is that SimilarSites also offers a toolbar (which I have installed) so that if you are out surfing the web and you happen upon a website you really like, the toolbar enables you to find sites similar to the one you are visiting right there on the spot. How cool is that?!

Now I just used as the example, but I hope that you’re picking up on the greater implication…like finding niche-specific content, for example. You can also use the search to find sites similar to the popular ones out there…like Facebook. There are new social media sites coming online all the time and there is no way you could possibly find them all. SimilarSites makes it easier…and as I always say, “easier is better!” Have fun with it!

The Previous Post Was a Lesson!

I “wrote” the previous post titled, “Sell Quality and the Price Won’t Matter” to demonstrate a powerful method for using Public Domain content the right way…one of many “right” ways! You see, I didn’t write the article…I re-wrote it. It’s an excerpt from chapter one of a book I downloaded from Google Books that was published in 1922. I copied the text right out of Google using their “Plain text” feature and then pasted it into Microsoft Word. I went through the text and highlighted the “power points” of the chapter and compiled them into a new Word document and then started re-writing the new paragraphs into a cohesive article. You can see the original chapter with the sentences I used (bolded and in red) HERE. The whole process took me about half an hour, if that.

I wanted to present this quick Case Study to make the point that this strategy can be used in many forms and ways to create new, hybrid articles, blog posts and products. And YES, even by YOU! So what are you waiting for?! Get to it!

PS: I want to add that I could just as easily taken those SAME highlighted sentences and created PowerPoint slides with them and then taught a webinar or created a Camtasia video with them. THEN I would have a video, audio, transcription, etc. of fresh content I taught, all based on that original chapter from the book. And, BTW, this was JUST Chapter one…grin!

Unexpected Success Strategies

In my last post, I invited people to share what was holding them back from succeeding online. I asked, “What Are You Waiting For?” and then offered to reply to every comment that was posted…which I did. As the comments rolled in, however, I began to notice a trend that was unexpected but exciting. Some of those posting were sharing their success strategies! Not some theory-based, generic “ideas” but strategies they are using to actually make money from Public Domain content! Now I say this is unexpected, not because I’m surprised they’re succeeding, but because I’m excited about their generosity for wanting to help others make it too! That’s been my commitment as well. And so, with THIS post, I’d like to offer a new challenge…

I would LOVE to hear about your successes with using Public Domain content in your business. It doesn’t have to be a story of making millions…perhaps you’ve only made a sale or two so far. But I would enjoy hearing about what you are doing with Public Domain content (and I think others would two). As you comment and share, I will offer my own thoughts on how you might be able to ramp up what you’re already doing to see even greater success! And…I encourage others to do the same! Why not work together so we can ALL achieve greater success in our businesses?! Now, obviously, I don’t expect you to share proprietary secrets or even exact niches unless you choose to. This isn’t about giving others the opportunity to rip us off. It’s the core strategies that work universally…in any niche…and those are what I want to hear about.

So let me ask you…

What core strategies are creating success for YOU?

Share your comments below! Oh and, BTW…if you would prefer to respond with a video answer, create your video, upload it to YouTube, and share the link with your comments! Can’t wait to hear from you!

The Gospel According to Magazines

After a little bit of introspection, I’ve concluded that I’m a bit of a magazine junkie. I can’t help myself…I love ’em…and for a LOT of reasons. And because of my fondness for magazines, they’ve played a big role in my business as well. They can help your business as well in some ways you may have not considered before now. Here are a few quick business-building “magazine” strategies for your consideration.

Market Research

It’s no big secret that one of the keys to success in business, online or offline, is understanding the interest and needs of your customers. And while there are numerous ways to identify these consumer trends (keyword research, Ebay and Amazon buying trends, Twitter trends, etc.), one of my favorite ways to investigate consumer trends is to take a look at magazines. The short and concise revelation of trends with magazines is simply this: If there aren’t any (or many) magazines about a given topic or niche, then it’s likely that there is little interest there for Joe Consumer.

While this axiom is certainly not exclusive in its scope, it certainly rings true in most cases. If there is massive consumer interest in a given niche, there will likely be a large number of magazines to support that interest. Take golf for instance. Golf is considered an “evergreen” niche…one that will always be popular. offers no less than ten magazines specific to golf… offers even more with all the international editions they include. So just by this statistic alone, you could easily say that this is a strong, albeit competitive, market to look at for product creation.

simple trip to Borders or Barnes and Noble can offer great research insights for what’s hot and what’s not. But in case you want to stay close to home, here are the best places online to see which niches boast a strong (or weak) presence in the magazine marketplace. – Features more than 2,000 magazine publications on their site and makes it easy to identify the most popular magazines in any given topic. (Amazon’s magazine bestseller list is also worth some of your research time. You can access it HERE). – The official website for Magazine Publishers of America. This is a great site to explore for identifying trends in magazine offerings, ad spending, popular topics and more.

Product Creation and Blog Content

I have written and taught in some detail about the significance and benefit of using content from magazines in the Public Domain as a part of your product creation or blog posting process. With less than one percent of all magazines published before 1964 now in the Public Domain, these magazines are a virtually untapped goldmine for fresh content for your products, blogs and articles. While I go into great detail how to find and use magazines from the Public Domain in my popular product, Limitless Blog Content, I thought I’d share a few places to discover old magazines online. Discovery is an important part of the process, of course, because you can’t find what you don’t know to look for, except by accident. And I prefer to be deliberate in my business.

I often talk about using Ebay as a great source for older magazines, and the truth is that it is perhaps the best online source for old magazines there is. A great place to start on Ebay is right here in their Old Magazines section. There are also a few other online sources for identifying and locating older magazines as well. While I have not shared these before now, I will tell you that they are worthy of your investigation.

The first website I’d like to share is Past Paper. They offer over a million rare and back-issues of magazines for sale on the site. Not all the magazines they carry are in the Public Domain, but I’ve found them to be a great resource for tracking down magazines on a given topic. The second website is Used Magazines. I share this one hesitantly because the magazines they offer are primarily focused in men’s niches (like cars and motorcycles) but also include adult magazines as well…so visit at your own risk. They do, however, offer a great selection of automobile and motorcycle-related magazines.

For more insights and strategies on how to use Magazines to enhance and build your products, blogs, articles and more, be sure to check out Limitless Blog Content, the definitive, step-by-step guide to Public Domain magazines.

How to Create Your Own E-Books

I am beginning a new webinar series this week where I will be walking you through the process of creating an ebook to sell online. No stone will be left unturned. I am going to cover every aspect of the process, step-by-step, drawing from my years of experience of creating my own best-selling ebooks and other products.

In this 3-part (more if needed) webinar series, you will discover how to:

=> Market research for quality niches to sell to

=> Identify the best keywords related to your product

=> Find the best content for your ebook

=> Turn the content into a formatted, ready-to-sell ebook

=> Find related products to offer as an affiliate

=> Create a beautiful cover in just minutes

=> Install and set-up your website (and blog) to sell your ebook

=> Create an opt-in and autoresponder to build a list for your niche

=> Write the salesletter for your ebook

=> Set-up the entire sales process (order button, download page, etc.)

=> Drive targeted traffic to your site

=> Ramp-up your site

=> And MUCH more…

I will teach you everything you need to know to create your own ebook to sell online by walking you through the entire process of creating my own brand-new product live. When this webinar series is over, you will have no questions about the process unanswered.

You can join me in this in-depth, step-by-step, how-to webinar series one of two ways. You can participate for free by investing in one of my product specials included on the page link below. Or you can participate in just the webinar for a one-time insanely low price. The choice is yours. Class begins this Wednesday.

Sign-up for “Creating Ebook Products From Beginning to End” HERE

Take Me Out to the (Public Domain) Ball Game

You’ve probably noticed that I talk a lot about information content for online and offline businesses. There’s a good reason for that…you can’t have an information-based business without information! Now that’s obvious! There are other marketers that focus on list-building (need that), traffic (need that), or other strategy or “trick of the month” but without CONTENT, nothing else matters.

I personally believe that the Public Domain is definitely the place to start for YOUR infomation and content needs, especially considering just how much information is available in the Public Domain. I like to call it the One-Two (Three) punch. “One” referring to Books, “Two” referring to Magazines and “Three” referring to Images. With books, magazines and images JUST from the Public Domain, you have access to enough “stuff” to create literally millions of products. Of course, you probably only NEED to create a few.

I often receive e-mails from different ones who aren’t sure where to begin, or what niche to start with, so I’ve listed some general niches that have a lot of potential for products and have tons of content in the Public Domain. I also listed three examples for each one, knowing full well that many of the general niches have dozens or even hundreds of sub-niches. So think of this list as a starting place as you read down through it.

  • Hobbies (collections, crafts, visual arts, etc.)
  • Research (genealogy, historical, science, etc.)
  • Sports (vintage, tips and tricks, personalities, etc.)
  • Animals (pets, training, care, etc.)
  • Historic (major events, famous personalities, technology, etc.)
  • Trades (architecture, building, DIY, etc.)
  • Health and Beauty (skin care, exercise, natural products, etc.)
  • Communication (writing, linguistics, public speaking, etc.)
  • Medical (remedies, homeopathy, herbal, etc.)
  • Food (recipes, farming, nutrition, etc.)
  • Transportation (trains, planes, automobiles, etc.)
  • Bizarre (paranormal, UFOs, unexplained, etc.)
  • Literary (poems, short stories, authors, etc.)
  • Arts (dance, acting, painting, etc.)
  • Science (alternative energy, how things work, everyday science, etc.)
  • Religion (ancient texts, translations, discussions, etc.)
  • Family (pregnancy, child-raising, relationships, etc.)

Just for the sake of it (and for example), I decided to pick just one broad niche (Sports) and drill down into it as far as I could into sub-niche possibilities (please note that this is not exhaustive but will still help paint the picture I want you to see). Below is the method to my madness:


Sports => Baseball

LEVELS: Professional => Minor League => College => High School => Little League => T-Ball

Then you have:

  • Equipment [glove styles, bats, pendants, uniforms, etc.]
  • Officiating [rules, umpires (great and notorious), etc.]
  • Baseball in Other Countries
  • Historic Teams
  • Famous Players
  • Managers / Owners
  • Parks / Fields
  • Great Plays
  • World Series
  • Scandals
  • Improving Your Game
  • Collector Stuff [stamps, baseball cards, patches, hats, programs, etc.]
  • Baseball-related Novels and Books
  • Photographing Baseball
  • Songs Related to Baseball

Within each of the items above, you can often go even deeper. Think about all the teams and players to have played the game. And consider the fact that, to create your Baseball-related products, you would have books, magazines, newspapers, ephemera, photographs, paintings, audios, films and more at your disposal. And that’s JUST Baseball.

So I hope you can see, once again, the huge benefit the Public Domain offers you for your information and content. No other source of information compares!

In “Limitless Blog Content,” I break down exactly how to find a massive amount of content for your niche or sub-niche. The content is there…waiting for you to grab it as use it. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about duplicate content. You can learn more about this fresh approach to content creation HERE: