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Simple Profits from the Public Domain

Recently I was on the phone with one of my new friends from the Useppa Island Mastermind I participated in and he REALLY wanted me to talk to his Mom about the Public Domain. So I spent about 5 minutes sharing the basics and then we discussed what she did for a living. Turns out that “Mom” is in a very cool niche and has a list of 20,000+ subscribers who are very active and motivated to purchase products related to that niche.

I shared my experience with product creation using Public Domain content and offered to research for content that would serve her market well and a deal was struck. I’m absolutely confident that I’ll have NO problem finding content for a product that her customers will love. The call lasted just half an hour, and with a little research and product development time, we have a good shot at adding some serious cash to our bank accounts.

I feel confident in being able to find the content (and great content at that) because I use the SAME tools and websites I share in my products. The process works! And here’s the thing…pay CLOSE attention to this…what I just described was NOT a difficult process! Picture this…a guy introduced me to his Mom and I leveraged my ability to find content in an effort to work together with her in a mutually beneficial way.

You can do that, can’t you? Oh COURSE you can! This is NOT difficult!

You see, I don’t have experience in her niche, and I certainly don’t have a list in that niche…but she does. So my product creation skills with Public Domain content together with her relationship with her list makes for a perfect “marriage” of skills toward a common goal…to make money!

So let me ask you…

How many “Moms” or “Dads” are out there online serving their customers in specialized hot niches who you could partner with to create income opportunities with? PLENTY! And it’s highly likely that there are several in the same niche. Using proven content from the Public Domain, you can easily research and create products that would perfectly compliment the efforts of those “experts”…all the while, creating money-making, cash-building opportunities for both of you. It’s honestly a win-win situation and one that you’re going to see me doing a lot more…well, perhaps not “see” me do…I may not reveal some of those private opportunities. But no worries…there are PLENTY of other goldmines waiting for you. Just get out there and find them…and you might want to start by finding out what some “Moms” are up to online!