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The Power of Gratitude

The other day, I was depressed and distressed… and feeling a bit overwhelmed. I was thinking about stuff that hadn’t worked out as I had planned…worrying about “not having enough” and questioning my choices and future. It got pretty bad. So in the state I decided to do what I always do when that happens…I went for a walk. I walked to Starbucks.

During that walk, I realized that, once again, I had fallen into an old pattern of focusing on what I DIDN’T have and what WASN’T working rather than being grateful for what I DID have and what DID work. I thought about my mortgage and cable bill, my car payment and insurance bill wondering, “How can I be grateful for those.” Just as quick, the thought came back to me…”Be grateful that you had another month of protection and safety for your daughter at the house. Be grateful that you had another month of internet access so you could continue your business. Be grateful that you have a car to drive!”

I have to tell you, as I began to “see” that perspective, something shifted in me…something changed…once again. My posture changed and a smile appeared. And by the time I got to Starbucks, the doom and gloom was gone. I spent the rest of the morning giving thanks for everything I could think of…including YOU! It was that experience that led me to record a video for you…it’s the one I told you about the other day. Have you seen it? If not, check it out…and remember that, regardless of what is going on right now or how things appear, gratitude can turn things around in a moment’s time. Here is the link to the video: