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Easily Create Professional-Looking Book Covers!

I’m sure you’ve heard it said, “A book is judged by its cover!” It’s true! And unfortunately, whether you realize it or not, it’s highly likely that YOUR book cover is costing you sales! LOTS of sales!

YES…EVEN your Kindle sales!

I understand why you use sub-standard covers for your books. After all, not everyone can afford to hire a graphic designer and shell out $1,500 for a great book cover design. I mean, seriously…you’re making a buck or two from your Kindle sales (hopefully) so how would that be cost-effective to get your cover professionally designed.

I get it…and that’s why I did something about that problem…something that will help you!

I just partnered together with two Kindle experts to show them (and you) how to increase book royalties by a factor of 2 or 3 (or even higher). You may not know this, but I was a book cover designer for 17 years with nearly 600 book cover designs to my name. Yes…I am one of those guys you would need to pay $1,500 to hire (if I would even do it).

Here is what one of the publishers I’ve worked with had to say about my cover designs:

“‘I’ve had the privilege of knowing and working with Tony Laidig since 2005. He is, by far, one of the best, if not the best, designer on the planet. He is brilliant at seeing what we don’t see and giving us exactly what we want!”

– David L. Hancock, Founder, Morgan James Publishing

Today I have some great news! It’s about how you can get the SAME result as if you had hired me, except that instead of paying $1,500, the investment is less than TEN BUCKS! You read correctly! We just released “Book Cover Genius” and it gives you access, not only to my cover design training, but also to one of my best-selling cover templates (and lots of other goodies) for just $9.90! You can get ALL the details below on this limited-time, incredible offer!

Get Book Cover Genius HERE!

Covert Strategy #2: E-Books

Here is the next strategy in our “30 Covert Strategies” series…

2. Publish E-Books. When it comes to e-books, I’m lumping all types of e-books into one description here. These would include PDF’s you sell or give away from your website, as well as e-books published for the Kindle, Nook, iPad and every other tablet and mobile device available now and in the future! While I love print books, the truth is that e-book sales are on the rise, and that’s not about to change. E-readers have changed everything. With the number of e-readers, tablets and smartphones already in use, plus more being purchased everyday, you cannot ignore creating and selling e-books…unless you hate money.

Selling your own PDFs created from Public Domain content is pretty straightforward since most word processors and page layout programs output directly to PDF. Publishing to the other platforms can present a few more challenges, but don’t let that stop you. Amazon offers excellent tutorials for publishing to the Kindle, as does Barnes & Noble for the Nook. Other sites, like, enable you to publish to all the major reader platforms by supplying your book(s) in the EPUB format, the standard for most readers. The same book creation strategies I shared with Print Books apply here. As a matter of fact, I would HIGHLY recommend creating BOTH print books AND e-books of every Public Domain-based book you publish. There is no reason to NOT do that…unless you like leaving money on the table!

Proven Content for Successful, Profitable Products

One of my subscribers is taking books and booklets created by the U.S. Government and is making them available in print form through Amazon. He downloads them for free from the Government websites, tweaks them and publishes them through a POD company. Then he has them listed on Amazon. It’s a simple, yet brilliant process with zero cost involved. And here is the sweet part…they’re adding thousands of dollars to his bank account on a very regular basis…thanks to the Public Domain.

There is another subscriber who is downloading Public Domain images and creating composite images of them to sell to the Scrapbooking and Graphic Design markets. Her ideas and designs are amazing and there is zero cost involved for her, and yet she is adding thousands of dollars a month to her bank account…thanks to the Public Domain.

Recently, I have created some video products where I took images and text from the Public Domain and used the online video software,, to turn them into cool video clips that I recently began selling as a package for thousands of dollars to Fortune 500 companies. Zero cost for the content and thousands of dollars in sales…thanks to the Public Domain.

I could give example after example…just from fellow subscribers like you! So let me ask you…

What about you?

The Public Domain is the single greatest source for proven content on the planet…period. And in many cases, the content is freely available…zero cost to you! Millions of Public Domain works are available at your fingertips right now, thanks to the world wide web! It’s sitting there waiting to be used…by YOU!

I use a simple formula for producing successful products. It goes like this:

Proven Content + Creative Innovation = Successful Products

In my new release, “Public Domain Profit Centers,” I address this formula at length and how you can use this simple process to achieve your own success with Public Domain works. I also include 230 or so new websites to find that content…many of the new ones I’ve been using to get my content. All the ones for the examples above are also in there.

The thing that’s great about this new release is that it applies to nearly ANY market, ANY niche, ANY type of business you may be involved with. The information I’ve included in it is not just geared toward Internet Marketers…it’s practical so that everyone can find it useful and helpful…including you.

Learn more about “Public Domain Profit Centers” HERE