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At Sea With the Public Domain

I recently took my first cruise…8 days in the Caribbean aboard the Carnival Miracle. I was a VIP as a part of my good friend, Jim Edwards’, JimBoat Cruise. We had a blast! While this was meant to be part vacation and part workshop (I taught on the Public Domain as a content source for membership sites), I really wasn’t planning to give much thought to the Public Domain, other than for my presentation. Fate had other plans. What I would soon discover once I stepped onto the Carnival Miracle was that the entire design of the ship’s interior was based on or made use of design elements and characters from the Public Domain. I later discovered that the man responsible for this clever use of the Public Domain was Joe Farcus, ship architect and creator of Carnival Miracle’s interior design.


Mr. Farcus, who is obviously a huge fan of history and all forms of entertainment, hit upon one of the perfect solutions offered by using Public Domain-based content…zero royalties combined with the draw of nostalgia…an interior designer’s dream! Inspired by characters from novels, songs, poems, myths, movies, plays, and much more, Mr. Farcus designed Carnival Miracle’s many public rooms and spaces so that the ship reveals herself like a novel, with surprising plot twists and small details that add up to a masterpiece. This “novel” look includes some of my favorite uses of the Public Domain on-ship: 18 original paintings of legendary fictional characters, including the Phantom of the Opera, Sherlock Holmes, Philip Marlowe and Captain Ahab, which were created by Italian artist Augusto Vignali.


As you can imagine, I spent most of my time on-ship with a smile on my face, marveling at the images and characters that surrounded us…from Alice and the White Rabbit in the Mad Hatter’s Lounge to massive murals of Mary Cassatt paintings in one of the open areas. I was in my glory. Even my favorite character, Sherlock Holmes, was present and accounted for.

I think what excited me the most about this grand discovery was that Carnival’s draw from the Public Domain once again emphasized my point that ANYTHING is possible with Public Domain content. It’s proven, its supply is nearly limitless, and covers nearly any genre and media type. So as we head into the new year of 2010, you can count on my ongoing challenge to your creative juices…to encourage you into seriously incorporating the proven content of the Public Domain into your business. And I am convinced that even more compelling uses of the Public Domain will emerge in this New Year…perhaps even by you!