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New Publishing Options with PubIt!

Barnes & Noble just provided us with a new opportunity for profiting from our e-books (like those from the Public Domain). Their new program, just launched October 5th, is called, PubIt! and gives anyone the ability to publish e-books for their Nook reader. What makes this a worthwhile consideration is, first of all, PubIt! uses the epub format, just like Apple’s iBooks for the iPad, Sony’s e-Reader and other devices. Second, Barnes & Noble has apps to offer their books on the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android and the PC.

After signing up for my own account, I did some investigating to see if B&N said anything about the Public Domain. Here is an excerpt from their terms concerning copyright:

Copyright Infringing: Material to which you do not own the copyright or the right to distribute. Public domain content may be posted to PubIt!. Barnes & Noble may, at any time, request validation that a given eBook qualifies as a public domain title.

So the good news is that the door is wide open for Public Domain titles. Now before you get the bright idea to upload PD titles and load them with links to other products and offers, you will also want to consider this statement as well, again from the PubIt! website:

Advertisements: Material contained within your eBook that primarily seeks to sell a product other than the eBook itself is prohibited.

In case you are wondering what kind of profits can we make from selling our e-books through PubIt!, here is a breakdown of the royalty structure:

Publisher will be paid a royalty off the List Price according to the following terms:

1. For eBooks with a List Price at or between $2.99 and $9.99 – 65% of the List Price

2. For eBooks with a List Price at or below $2.98 or at or greater than $10.00 (but not more than $199.99 and not less than $0.99) – 40% of the List Price

So, if you haven’t figured it our yet, keep your prices in the $2.99 to $9.99 price range…grin. With Barnes & Noble jumping into the e-publishing bookstore fray along with Apple’s iBook store and Amazon’s Kindle, the future is looking mighty bright for those who choose to sell e-books (and not just Public Domain e-books…hint…hint) through these marketplaces.

Why You Will *NOT* Make Money from Public Domain Content!

You may have noticed lately that I haven’t been talking about Public Domain content as much now as I have in the past. So what happened? Have I given up on the Public Domain? Have I milked it for all its worth and now am onto bigger things? Have I gone underground and am keeping all the new tricks to myself? Nothing could be further from the truth.

The truth is that I have (temporarily) shifted away some from teaching about Public Domain content because of YOU!

You see, I discovered a growing trend with many of my subscribers that really concerned me. They would hear me talk about the Public Domain and share what’s possible with the content and get excited. They would invest in my Public Domain courses, find TONS of great Public Domain content, but then, something happened. It is this “something” that concerned me, and it is the PRIMARY reason why you will NOT make money from Public Domain content!

I found that many of my customers…perhaps even you…didn’t DO anything with the Public Domain content they found. It just sat there on their hard drive taking up space. Tons of ebooks, images, magazines and more…all with great potential, all doing nothing to make them money.

I wondered, “What about the blog posts and articles you were going to write using PD content? What about all the product ideas you had using PD content as the source? What about the books, e-books, videos, audios, posters, membership sites and all the other wonderful products you can create using Public Domain content? Quite honestly, I was puzzled. I wondered why so many would take those important first steps of action, but then stop. A little investigating revealed the answer. And this discovery is what shifted my business.

What I discovered was that few people actually knew and understood what their next steps should be. They found great content, and in some cases, even created products, but didn’t know how to get those products online. They weren’t sure how to build the websites and set up the download pages. They didn’t understand how to get traffic to their site (if they had one) and, in many cases, the idea of using social media was confusing at best. It seemed that even knowing the right tools and software for creating those products was elusive.

Can you relate? Is this where YOU are in your own business? I think you will agree that it would be irresponsible of me (or anyone else) to ignore the problems you might be struggling with. And so, because of these revelations, I’m changing how I approach my product creation, my interaction with my subscribers and customers and with YOU! No, I haven’t given up on the Public Domain. As a matter of fact, it is playing a key role in some of the new projects I’m working on right now! The task right now, however, is to see YOU succeed even MORE with Public Domain content!

So I’m curious…what roadblocks are YOU facing with taking the next step? What is the ONE THING you believe would make all the difference in the world in helping you become successful (or more successful) online? Please post your thoughts and comments below. And if you would, please also share this with your friends and subscribers through the Twitter, Facebook and Digg links. Thanks!

Planning Ahead with Product Creation

Many information marketers today create and sell digital only products and do quite well with that method of delivery. Personally, it’s my favorite form of product creation. No physical production costs, shipping issues, etc. Plus the customer has instant access to your product, 24/7. However, having said that, I believe it’s STILL important to PLAN for physical product creation…even if you only intend to offer your product in digital form. Here’s why…

Whether you are designing a product (book, video or audio) for physical production, all the processes are the same as far as pagination, cover design, book editing, video editing, etc. so why NOT plan for physical? So ALWAYS plan for physical but offer as digital…whether you’re creating online videos and need a digital cover for those, offering an MP3 and need a cover for that, or an e-book. There is always a chance you may want to go physical…DVD series, CD, print book, whatever. If you plan for it in the beginning, you’re covered…plus it doesn’t require additional work to design high-res. However, if you design for web only and then decide to go the physical route, you have to re-create everything, which is a waste of time, effort and money. Not good.

Almost none of my products are currently available in print or physical form, but every one of them have been designed that way, just in case. Every online video series I’ve created and sold has print resolution covers designed for them. Every e-book I sell has print resolution covers designed for them and every video can easily be re-rendered at DVD or HD resolution for physical products. You should consider doing the same.

Science of Getting Rich

I couldn’t resist creating another brief video JUST to hopefully get your creative juices flowing. THIS video features an excerpt from Chapter 1 of “The Science of Getting Rich,” an amazing book in the Public Domain.

Shapeshifting Public Domain Content

Stories of shapeshifting exist in every culture and take on many forms of transformation…from Zeus in Greek Mythology to the recent Twilight series where members of the Quileute tribe shapeshift into wolves. Even in our childhood stories we see the Beast transform into a Prince in “Beauty and the Beast”…and let’s not forget the infamous Frog looking for that special kiss. But what do these “myths” of shapeshifting have to do with Public Domain content? Plenty!

Content from the Public Domain…whether it exists in the form of a book, a magazine, a photograph or something else…was already established, proven if you will, in that form. The books were already published and read by thousands or tens of thousands of people…the same with magazines. But because that book or magazine is now in the Public Domain, we can legally use its content for anything we choose without any type of royalty or legal recourse. And there are a LOT of ways that we can adapt, or shapeshift, that content.

As an example, take a look at the text found HERE. It’s an article I scanned from a 1950’s Popular Photography magazine in the Public Domain. It’s a great article, and certainly relevant still today. Now, in its original form, it was a magazine article.  How can we shapeshift that content into new forms? Here are some thoughts…

  1. A Blog Post
  2. An Article on Article Sites
  3. Break-up for an Autoresponder Series
  4. A Free Report
  5. Record an Audio Version for a Podcast
  6. Turn into a Powerpoint Slide Video
  7. Read Live on a Video Camera
  8. Discuss on BlogTalkRadio
  9. Include in an E-Zine
  10. Use as a Chapter of an E-Book or Print book
  11. Create a Squidoo Lens from It
  12. Re-Publish in a New Print Magazine

And so, as you can see from the dozen samples above, it’s pretty easy to shapeshift just about ANY text content from the Public Domain into a new form…whether free or as a money-making product. The same is true for images. Take the image of Sitting Bull shown below, for instance. On the left is the original image from the Public Domain. On the right is a new image I created in Photoshop from the original.

Now, with this new image (or even with the old one quite honestly), I could shapeshift it into…

  1. A T-Shirt Design
  2. A Poster
  3. A Skateboard Design
  4. A Blanket or Tapestry
  5. A Mousepad
  6. A Coffee Mug
  7. Any of the Other Products on CafePress or Zazzle
  8. A Postage Stamp Design
  9. An Illustration for an Article
  10. A Fine Art Canvas Framed Print

I think you get the picture (no pun intended). And the best part is that I can create nearly endless variations of new art based on that one original photograph from the Public Domain. Shapeshifting at its best!

So, hopefully, this post has inspired you to consider doing a little shapeshifting of your own. The possibilities are are waiting for your own innovation and creativity. And like it says in my blog header graphic:

Proven Content + Creative Innovation = Successful, NEW Products!

Learn MORE about how to “shapeshift” Public Domain Content HERE:

Public Domain Explained

Easy Money Picture Project

PDX-TV Episode 1: New Video Series

Here is the first video of a new series I’ll be producing in 2010 on using Public Domain content to build your online (and offline) business. Hope you enjoy it! It also features my sexy new PDX opening!


Public Domain Easy Button

I don’t know about you but I like doing things the easy way. That’s why I use templates to design my websites, distribution services to send my videos everywhere at once, social networks that allow me to post once and send my message to dozens of sites simultaneously and article services that blast my latest insights to hundreds of places.

Easy is ALSO why I created the Public Domain Toolbar. The idea of being able to find Public Domain content from my choice of hundreds of sites from one place without having to gallivant all over the internet just appealed to me. Apparently it appeals to a lot of other people too because the Toolbar has been installed hundreds of times since it was introduced back in 2007.

With Version 2.0 of the Toolbar, I increased the functionality even more with the introduction of “Image Search”, which gives you one-click access to tens of millions of images. Why is that a big deal? Simple. You are always going to need images for:

  • Products (physical and digital)
  • Website Design
  • Packaging
  • Video Creation
  • Scrapbooking
  • Graphics Design
  • And Much More…

And with Google including image results in their universal search feature, using images effective is now even a HOT traffic generation tool. I’ve landed on the front page of Google search results simply because of images. Of course, I don’t want to take away from the power of the Toolbar to locate books, government content, audio and video and MUCH more!

With Version 2.0 of the Toolbar, you have the proven content of the Public Domain at your fingertips…it truly is an “easy” button.  Get started right now by clicking the link below. Oh…and BTW…the link below will take you a limited-time discount offer…just in time for the Holidays!

I Want My OWN Easy Button

How to Create Your Own E-Books

I am beginning a new webinar series this week where I will be walking you through the process of creating an ebook to sell online. No stone will be left unturned. I am going to cover every aspect of the process, step-by-step, drawing from my years of experience of creating my own best-selling ebooks and other products.

In this 3-part (more if needed) webinar series, you will discover how to:

=> Market research for quality niches to sell to

=> Identify the best keywords related to your product

=> Find the best content for your ebook

=> Turn the content into a formatted, ready-to-sell ebook

=> Find related products to offer as an affiliate

=> Create a beautiful cover in just minutes

=> Install and set-up your website (and blog) to sell your ebook

=> Create an opt-in and autoresponder to build a list for your niche

=> Write the salesletter for your ebook

=> Set-up the entire sales process (order button, download page, etc.)

=> Drive targeted traffic to your site

=> Ramp-up your site

=> And MUCH more…

I will teach you everything you need to know to create your own ebook to sell online by walking you through the entire process of creating my own brand-new product live. When this webinar series is over, you will have no questions about the process unanswered.

You can join me in this in-depth, step-by-step, how-to webinar series one of two ways. You can participate for free by investing in one of my product specials included on the page link below. Or you can participate in just the webinar for a one-time insanely low price. The choice is yours. Class begins this Wednesday.

Sign-up for “Creating Ebook Products From Beginning to End” HERE

Proven Content for Successful, Profitable Products

One of my subscribers is taking books and booklets created by the U.S. Government and is making them available in print form through Amazon. He downloads them for free from the Government websites, tweaks them and publishes them through a POD company. Then he has them listed on Amazon. It’s a simple, yet brilliant process with zero cost involved. And here is the sweet part…they’re adding thousands of dollars to his bank account on a very regular basis…thanks to the Public Domain.

There is another subscriber who is downloading Public Domain images and creating composite images of them to sell to the Scrapbooking and Graphic Design markets. Her ideas and designs are amazing and there is zero cost involved for her, and yet she is adding thousands of dollars a month to her bank account…thanks to the Public Domain.

Recently, I have created some video products where I took images and text from the Public Domain and used the online video software,, to turn them into cool video clips that I recently began selling as a package for thousands of dollars to Fortune 500 companies. Zero cost for the content and thousands of dollars in sales…thanks to the Public Domain.

I could give example after example…just from fellow subscribers like you! So let me ask you…

What about you?

The Public Domain is the single greatest source for proven content on the planet…period. And in many cases, the content is freely available…zero cost to you! Millions of Public Domain works are available at your fingertips right now, thanks to the world wide web! It’s sitting there waiting to be used…by YOU!

I use a simple formula for producing successful products. It goes like this:

Proven Content + Creative Innovation = Successful Products

In my new release, “Public Domain Profit Centers,” I address this formula at length and how you can use this simple process to achieve your own success with Public Domain works. I also include 230 or so new websites to find that content…many of the new ones I’ve been using to get my content. All the ones for the examples above are also in there.

The thing that’s great about this new release is that it applies to nearly ANY market, ANY niche, ANY type of business you may be involved with. The information I’ve included in it is not just geared toward Internet Marketers…it’s practical so that everyone can find it useful and helpful…including you.

Learn more about “Public Domain Profit Centers” HERE

Is THIS the Ultimate Niche?

If you had to reveal what you believe to be the ultimate niche to create new products for, what would it be? Think about it for a moment. Would it be the Internet Marketing niche, or perhaps a craft or hobby niche? Would the ultimate niche be a sports niche or a legal niche? What would it be? In this article, I’m going to reveal MY choice for the ultimate niche and why. I’m also going to share how the Public Domain fits perfectly with this niche (and its sub-niches) for creating profitable digital and physical products.

One doesn’t have to ponder the possibilities for very long to realize that the “ultimate niche” comes down to just one choice…and it’s a broad one…


Health (in all its forms) is the one thing that touches every living thing on the planet, from each person around the world to our pets, wild creatures, plants and trees, etc. Health is the elixir of life and is the one thing we strive for above all else. The beauty of this niche is the vastness of it (which is why I see it as the ultimate niche). With sub-niches numbering in the hundreds, or perhaps even the thousands, opportunity is everywhere within the Health niche. Let’s take a look at some terrific sub-niche examples.

  • Herbal Remedies
  • Natural Medicine
  • Natural Cures
  • Homeopathy
  • Exercise
  • Weight-Loss
  • Weight-Gain
  • Internal Cleansing
  • Food Recipes
  • Healthy Living
  • Massage Therapy
  • Sleeplessness
  • Skin Care
  • Illness-Specific Niches
  • Supplements
  • Beauty Treatments
  • Gardening
  • Self-Help
  • Hypnosis
  • Mental Disciplines
  • Spiritual Disciplines
  • Relationships
  • And Many More!

As you read down over the list, chances are likely that you thought of many more niches than what I included…and that emphasizes my point perfectly. Even with the list I provided above, you could easily take each of those sub-niches and drill down even further…a lot further.

Types of Products
I usually just talk about information products, but with the Health niches, product possibilities extend WAY beyond information products. Of course, you can develop information products of all types in the sub-niches (using mental disciplines as a niche example), including e-books, printed books and workbooks, audio books, and training courses; but then you can also create brain entrainment and binaural beat audios, hypnosis-based programs and more.

If you chose another sub-niche that was body-related, you may consider supplements, skin creams, energy drinks, exercise videos and other physical products in addition to information products. The truth is that the opportunities are nearly endless for a niche that touches every single person on the planet…and that’s VERY exciting!

Using the Public Domain
Some of the best resources available today on many health topics comes from the Public Domain. Honestly, there are very few, if any, Health-related niches that you would not be able to find proven content for from the Public Domain. Books and manuals are an obvious place to begin for finding Health-related content, but you must also consider magazines, spoken-word audios, videos and yes, even patents.

A good place to begin for finding Health-related content is Google Books ( Perform “subject” searches for specific sub-niche topics, such as with the examples below:

subject:”Health & Fitness”
subject:”Mental Healing”

You can also check out websites such as:

Free Self-Help Books

Classic Works in Herbal Medicine

Searches for Health-related sub-niche keywords at ( will also return an excellent selection of books, videos and more!

I hope that through this brief article, you begin to see the scope of what is available to you in the Public Domain for creating products in the “evergreen” niche of “Health.” There is much more content available, both online and offline, that what is shared here, but this primer should get you started. If you’re interested in digger MUCH deeper into finding websites that offer health-related content from the Public Domain, you should seriously consider investing in my popular e-book, the Public Domain Code Book ( In it, you’ll discover over 200 websites that offer Public Domain-related content of all types for nearly any niche imaginable. The book is the result of hundreds of hours of research I conducted online to identify the best websites on the net for finding works in the Public Domain.

Tony Laidig

The Public Domain Expert