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Back from Impact Bootcamp

Back in the office after a whirlwind weekend at Ken McArthur’s Impact Bootcamp where we learned about and put into action the powerful ways we can use the different streams of Internet Marketing to get our message to the masses and make a huge impact. The project that was launched as the focus of our efforts was to raise awareness and funds to fight teen suicide…a vital message that is the passion of Deremiah…using every means of media, including Publicity, Motivation, Publishing, Internet, Newspapers, Television, Magazines, Social Media, Corporate Sponsorships, Non-Profit Sponsorships and Joint Ventures. It’s a powerful, ongoing project that is literally going to save the lives of many, many teens. This is what marketing is really all about…making a difference in the lives of others.

The Impact Bootcamp was  a bit of a defining weekend for me personally as well. I always enjoy spending time with friends, many of whom spoke Saturday, including Carrie Wilkerson (the Barefoot Executive), Donna Fox, Warren Whitlock and Mary Mazzullo. I love these guys (and gals) and we had a blast together. If you’re not following what these amazing marketers are doing, you need to be. Each one has changed my personal and business life and they can do the same for you as well.

I also re-connected with my marketing friend, Kim Burney, who I met at Pat O’Bryan’s UnSeminar5. Kim is a mover and shaker. She takes action (A LOT). I like that. At any event, there is always the new friendships and networking that happens, and this event is no exception. Many of my “new” friends and marketers, I actually had already “met” thanks to Twitter, so it was cool to see the people behind the posts.

If you’re wondering why I’m talking about who I connected with at the event, it’s for a good reason. If you really want to succeed in whatever you’re doing, you have to build relationships. Business is ALL about relationships. That’s where the JV’s come from…that’s where the brainstorming and mentoring comes from. You NEED to get to events! AND you need to Twitter. You can follow me at

I loved meeting Ken McArthur. It was my first time at any of his events and I was blown away by the largeness of his heart. He cares…a lot. It was evident. Even last evening after the event was finished, he made sure he was available to talk with everyone who wanted access to him. You could literally see his passion for people in his eyes. More marketers need to follow his example.

There were two highlights from this weekend that really impacted me. The first was listening to and meeting Brendon Burchard. As I listened to him speak on Sunday morning, his love of life and passion to make a difference in the world around us really affected me at a deep level that I don’t think I fully even understand yet. Even now, just writing about it, tears are welling up in my eyes and I’m not even sure why…that’s what I mean. Brendon has an amazing message that I’ll write more about from my notes at a later time. Meanwhile, do yourself a huge favor and buy his book, Life’s Golden Ticket. It will challenge you personally and professionally in ways that will make your life soar.

My second highlight from the weekend was getting to spend more time with my good friend, Simone Blum. Simone is an amazing girl, originally from South Africa. We met at Pat O’Bryan’s UnSeminar 5 event as well (seeing the pattern? Get to seminars!) and immediately hit it off. She’s totally new to internet marketing (4 weeks and counting) but she has already taken more action than many people I know who have been at it for years. Simone is a rising star and you’re going to want to pay attention to her. You should definitely follow her on Twitter ( as well! As a part of Simone’s ongoing experience of learning Internet Marketing, she is going to begin blogging daily all her experiences, frustrations, triumphs and setbacks from learning the processes. As she works through learning about autoresponders, she’ll write about it. When she gets her webpages up, she’ll write about it. She has a passion to bring everyone who is struggling to be successful online along with her as she learns, and it would serve you well to pay attention. You can find her blog at

I’ll finish this post with a photo that, appropriately enough, pictures me with the two individuals who impacted me the most this weekend, Brendon and Simone: