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Free Tools for Product Creation

There are some killer free tools out there that you really NEED to use in your business if you aren’t already! In this webinar, we will take a look at the FREE tools available for product creation. We look at tools for Text Creation, Image Creation, Video Creation, Audio Creation and more!

One of the things I LOVE about this series is that it removes another hurdle many face when getting started online…the need for quality tools. Just in the past little while, the web has seen an influx of amazing, free or open-source software that enable you to accomplish tasks that, just a few years ago, would have cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Enjoy!

BTW…here is some great feedback for one of the future episodes of this series that I’ll be posting soon. The videos are a part of my Step-by-Step Info Products Membership Site:

I have watched one webinar video, #3 of the series on free tools…Tony, my membership is paid for, for the next three months at least. The value of what you provided – free auto-responders, free shopping carts, free utilities for research, keywords, I can’t even remember everything that was there. Tony, that was just one video in one series that you have…You have been hiding the value of this thing under a basket.

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Click HERE for more Step-by-Step How-to videos.

5 Responses to “Free Tools for Product Creation”

  • Tony, I’ve downloaded Quicktime and still can’t play the video. Please advise.

  • support:

    Hey Gloria,

    Make sure you’re also using the latest version of flash!


  • SEWilco:

    It stalled in the second slide.

  • SEWilco:

    Today it’s willing to play further. But I’m not willing to devote my ears to several minutes of chatter when you could tell us what’s good in a few seconds with text. And at present Google won’t index your voice so it will be harder for people to find your advice.

  • A really good survey of free product creation tools. I was already aware of some, but it’s so helpful to have them put into context with experienced user recs.

    I did also have some challenge with the recording–it was stopping every 5 to 15 sec, and dropping some (hard to tell how much) of the audio at the stopping points. Tried listening to the downloaded version, but it was the same.

    Still, it was well worth it–the info is very timely to me right now, and I’m looking forward to the second chapter.

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