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Why Using Public Domain Content Is a Waste of Time!

Using Public Domain content is a waste of time…there, I said it! Unfortunately, it’s true…in some cases. So does this mean that I’ve led you astray over the past several years? Did I lie to you about the true effectiveness of Public Domain content? I’ll answer those questions in a minute. Let’s just put it this way…I’ve had an epiphany of sorts in how I approach product development and it’s changing everything I do.

If you have followed this blog for very long, or if you’ve been on my list for very long, you’ll know that I normally write a LOT. I enjoy it. I love helping people succeed in their business. You’ve probably also noticed that for the past few months, my writing and product development has dropped to almost zero. There are a few reasons for that. Personally, I’ve been going through a divorce and my father’s health has not been good. Dad has brain cancer and probably will not be with us much longer. Those personal struggles have understandably taken some of the “wind” out of my sails, but they have also (thankfully) forced me to re-evaluate everything else I’ve been doing in my business. The experience has been somewhat humbling, and in some cases, shocking.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed that there is actually a lot of worthless crap out there on the market…especially in the Internet Marketing community. There are very few NEW ideas (in spite of what you’ve been told), and quite honestly, a lot of the new products are just rehashed ideas, either with a slightly different spin on it, or as just a blatant ripoff of other’s hard work. But the biggest “discovery” I made in the past few months is just how few “how-to” products actually tell you how to do anything. Sure, they make the promises of “how to do,” but in most cases you just learn “what to do,” and trust me, it’s not the same (in case you haven’t noticed).

This revelation was really brought home to me thanks in part to one of my business partners, Simone Blum. Simone has the innate (and sometimes annoying) ability to ask “how” questions with regard to selling online that really force you to break a strategy down to its simplest forms–and that can actually be harder than you think. Her constant challenges were one of the motivators for my re-evaluating what I’m selling and doing online. It is amazing how a simple question like, “Where do I really start and how do I do it?” can force you to think differently. The truth of the matter is that the “real” answer to that question demands action, not BS, which is what we’re used to getting (and in same cases giving).

The result of my interaction with Simone over the past few months has resulting in a few promising and sometimes scary decisions. First, I realized that, in light of her questions, I needed to make changes in my business and products (in some cases, significant changes). Over the next several months, I am going to be making a LOT of changes with my products…I can’t go into details now, but trust me, you’ll LOVE the end result! Why? It’s simple…I want my products to be the best they can be to provide maximum usability…and I DON’T want to sell false hope.

Just recently, I purchased a new product that promised to teach you how to make money with Public Domain content. I buy ALL products that teach on the Public Domain for two reasons…I like to learn and I want to make sure people aren’t selling crap in my niche. Unfortunately this product did exactly that…it was a bunch of crap. It was cheap enough…only $7…but absolutely worthless for teaching anyone “how-to.” What’s worse is that large portions on the text were plagiarized from article sites without the proper credit being giving. The e-book also offered “strategies” that were downright unethical, not to mention illegal. Apparently the law means different things to different people. I was so frustrated with the product that I think I would have rather just taken out a five dollar bill and two ones and just burned them rather than having spent them on this product. The experience also got me thinking about my own products and led me back to the questions I asked at the beginning of this article…have I (personally) lead you astray concerning the Public Domain? The answer is both yes and no! Let me explain…

You can have all the content in the world, but if it isn’t content that people want, need or are looking for, then it’s a waste of time…it’s crap! Unfortunately, a lot of the information that’s presented about the Public Domain leads you to crap. It’s one of the reasons why I picked up the Public Domain torch to begin with. While I don’t want to limit your creative innovation with using Public Domain content to create new products that actually sell, I’m also not too proud to admit that, except in rare cases, some currently taught Public Domain strategies just will NOT work for the average person. Let me give you an example of what I mean.

In some of my products, and certainly other products, I have talked about creating compilation CDs or DVDs of Public Domain content to sell. I don’t necessarily encourage it, but I do present it as an option. While there are a few people who ARE making money using this strategy (and there is even an e-book out there that teaches this strategy with Public Domain content), the truth is that YOU will likely NOT make a lot of money doing it. It’s a lot of work for a little money. Of course, there will be exceptions and I’m sure that someone will challenge me on this, but I’d like offer the challenge to prove it. As a matter of fact, a new phrase challenge just came to me as I’m writing this and I may just use it from now on. Simply put, the challenge is this:

Does your product pass the “prove it with a newbie” challenge? And I offer that challenge to myself. Can a newbie take your strategy or business model and actually make money with it? Interesting challenge…let’s get back on track…

The primary purpose of Public Domain works is simply to provide content for your products, whether they are e-books, audios, videos, physical products, etc. But I realized that if you don’t pick the RIGHT content, you’re wasting your time, and a LOT of people, including myself, have been wasting a LOT of time with little or no results. So the REAL question becomes, “How can I EFFECTIVELY use Public Domain content for product creation?” Honestly, the answer has nothing to do with the Public Domain and EVERYTHING to do with understanding the power of picking the right niche. Let me repeat that in a different way…

The true key to success with Public Domain content (or any other content for that matter) is to know HOW to pick the RIGHT NICHE! Period! A fantastic, high-quality product in the wrong niche will NOT sell, while a mediocre product in the right niche can sell like crazy. That’s why I’ve decided that my time needs to be refocused and spent doing two things (as should yours):

1) Becoming a MASTER at identifying trends and hot niches; and
2) Effectively identifying and find the RIGHT Public Domain content.

Yes, there are 85 million books and over 200,000 different magazines worth of content in the Public Domain…not to mention the millions of photographs, illustrations, patents and more. But out of ALL that content, how much of it is REALLY usable…seriously? Twenty percent? Ten percent? One percent? I don’t honestly know. But I DO know this, I am committed to not teach or write about Public Domain content in ways that are little more than filler and have no place in real-world business success. I’m also committed to learning and teaching HOW to identify the best niche markets to sell in, which is why my FIRST teaching venture after my “epiphany” is to partner with Eric Farewell on sharing Expert Niche Strategies. Listen, in the Great Depression, a LOT of businesses went under and tens of thousands of people lost their jobs, but not all of them did. There were a few businesses that GREW during the Depression! How did they do it? They understood the buying habits and trends of the American Public and then gave thepublic what they wanted. That exact same strategy will work today, and that’s why you NEED to learn and understand it!

Eric is a MASTER at identifying hot niches…he’s an expert! I am an expert at finding the right content for those niches, so together, we are going to deliver a one-two punch that will economy-proof your business! Are you interested? You should be! Discover what Eric and I are up to here =>

Join us…it will change your business as it has his and mine!

5 Responses to “Why Using Public Domain Content Is a Waste of Time!”

  • Hi Tony,
    At first you had me worried that my decision to pursue public domain for content to my health and nutrition blog was a bad decision. But I totally agree with you about focusing on the right niche and finding out what they want, and then giving it to them is the right strategy. Unfortunately, that’s the hard part.

    I look forward to learning from you how to be a master nicher picker! That is a weakness of mine and I definitely could use some help. Unfortunately, I’ve spent so much moola on the junk that the kitty isn’t very full right now.

    Good luck on your new journey,
    P.S. All the best for your Dad.

  • Thank you for your honesty Tony. It’s particularly helpful to hear this from someone who is successful in the public content niche.

    To create a valuable product for people takes time and attention, even if you begin with public content. I would want to know I was working on something that would offer value and people want and need it and are willing to purchase it.

    Warmest regards,
    Rosemary Heenan
    The Heart Activist

  • Maggie David:

    Hi Tony, Firstly all the best to your Dad. I will add him and your family to my prayer list.

    That out of the way, I would like to say, you’re 100% right. I spent a huge amount of my hard earn’t money chasing the fleeting dollars from so called Guru’s with their “Hype” to buy this now and it will…you know what I mean… Now it doesn’t wash anymore!

    I have unsubscribed from many ‘Product” Guru’s.

    I only have the solid honest people on my list of who I will learn from and you are one of them. It takes courage to look at what you are producing and what you’re about and to ask the appropriate questions. In todays climate, many more will be looking for opportunities, it can produce huge income streams for those who walk the walk, and talk the talk in an honest and truthful way. Niche marketing is the way to go. Public Domain content adapted to that niche can create awesome products that people want. Not all want to “Start Up” in business, some just want to learn about this and learn about that, sit back and read, or listen or look. Many people have done the “Hard Yards, the Hard Yakka” in their lives, are content with what they have, but want to purchase information, or read an out of print book, without chasing it down in a book store etc etc.

    You are such an awesome Mentor, one that I know so many of us treasure, because of your honesty and also because you are not afraid to do the hardest thing one has to do in life and that is to question continually ones actions and values. It was once said me “Only when you question your actions at the end of each day, and rate each one and learn from that experience can you become a Master” I try to do that each day (some days I fall down – we all do)- Tony you are on the path to Mastery! It is good to have you as one of my treasured mentors.

    Take Care,

    Love and Light


  • Mike:

    Hey Tony,

    We’ll send prayers up for your Dad.

    Good to see you moving your might towards the light.

    Here when you need a friend …

  • Hi Tony,

    My sentiments go with the last person to post a reply, Maggie David. I too have spent a lot on junk, but am still very keen on the public domain. I follow yourself, along with mainly a couple of others, namely Jim Cockrum and John Thornhillas my mentors.

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