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The Most Valuable Public Domain Content

I talk a lot about the fact that Public Domain content is extremely valuable to us as information marketers because it’s holdings are vast and because it’s proven content. As I’m sure you’re aware, the Public Domain covers a wide range of mediums, from books and magazines to images and films, and also includes practically every other type of media as well. This “treasure house” of content includes literary classics and phenomenal works of art; brilliant inventions and award-winning motion pictures. But if you had to declare what you thought was the most valuable piece of “real estate” in the world of the Public Domain, what would you choose?

What is the most valuable Public Domain content and how can you find it?

Is the most valuable Public Domain content, books? After all, there are over 85 million books in the Public Domain…perhaps even as many as 2 billion. Could it be magazines in the Public Domain? There are hundreds of thousands of magazine titles representing millions of issues in the Public Domain that share information on every topic known to man. Some might argue that the most valuable Public Domain content is the artistic expressions of fine art, photography and illustration. There are millions and millions of “windows” into the hearts and minds of countless artisans back to beginning humanity. Or better still, perhaps the most valuable Public Domain content is represented by the millions of expired patents that exist. These expressions of genius and innovation have defined and created the world we now know and enjoy. As you look around you right now, everything you see is a manifestation of the “mother” of invention, as defined by the uncountable scores of patent submissions. Surely this MUST be the most valuable Public Domain content!

ALL these “expressions” are potential candidates for the title of “Most Valuable,” but there is one, seldom considered, often unspoken area of the Public Domain that, to me, represents the hands-down winner of our contest. This mystery contender stands head and shoulders above all the other content we’ve discussed, yet resides at the core of all of it. It is the most celebrated, and at the same time, the most suppressed, articulation of the Public Domain. Before I tell you WHAT it is, however, allow me to explain the foundation and origin for this article. It all began with a sighting….

Over the weekend, I was driving to my office to pick-up a portable hard drive and on the way there, I noticed something unusual in the sky…it was a flying silver disc. Now I’ve seen UFO’s before (another story for another time), so I wasn’t alarmed as much as I was curious. It COULD have been a terrestrial object, but to me, it was unidentified, and quite honestly, whether it was terrestrial or extra-terrestrial has little bearing on the outcome of this story. When I got back to my home, I made a post on Twitter about my “sighting.” It got me thinking in a fun way, “I wonder if alien information and technology is in the Public Domain?” So I posted a tweet to Twitter to that end. That question launched an interaction between myself and my good friend, Warren Whitlock. Below is part of our discussion:

tonylaidig I was just on my way to the office to grab my portable drive and saw a large flying silver disc in sky. Been a while since the last time.

tonylaidig Do you “believe” we are not alone? And is “their” knowledge in the Public Domain? Hmmm.    

WarrenWhitlock @tonylaidig what makes you thing “they” have anything like our system of property rights. Maybe advanced societies share it all

tonylaidig @WarrenWhitlock if I were a betting man, I’d guess they forgo property rights in favor of shared knowledge, like universal creative commons.    

WarrenWhitlock @tonylaidig if they forgo property rights you won’t be able to collect on that bet

tonylaidig Guess it’d be kind of hard to copyright automatic thought transfers…lol.    

tonylaidig Can’t you just see the US Gov’t encouraging aliens to share the wisdom and then lock it up so no one has access to it. Wait did that happen?    

tonylaidig The moment we figure out how to decode the information in starlight, everything changes in our knowledge database.    

tonylaidig Of course, stars are in the Public Domain…grin.  

At the time, I thought the discussion was fun, but later, I began to think about it more seriously…not so much the idea of alien information in the Public Domain, but rather the idea of HOW they might share that information. And that’s when it hit me…the most valuable content in the Public Domain isn’t books or magazines…it isn’t movies, paintings or patents. No! The most valuable content in the Public Domain is most likely the ONE THING you’re overlooking in your business that could make you wildly successful.

The most valuable content available in the Public Domain is simply this:


Ideas cannot be copyrighted…neither can concepts. The copyright code is very clear about that. Yet, we often turn our backs on the ideas that surround us because they’re “silly” or “crazy” or “will never work.” Unfortunately, our minds are often numb to the challenge of “thinking outside the box,” so by default, we fall in line with all the other zombie robots and live our lives and conduct our business by remote control. Land of the free? Not very often…more like Plato’s Allegory of the Cave where we’re trapped by fear of “what was” rather than exploring “what could be.” IDEAS change all that. They can set us free to experience the success and liberty that we desire. “God didn’t create us to be parrots,” I said to a friend of mine the other night.” “We are to be creators, and creation begins with ideas.”

This article is much more philosophical than what I normally write, but it’s an honest reflection of how I think and feel. The Public Domain is indeed a means to an end, as some would say. But my challenge to you today is to begin to see the Public Domain as the means to a beginning. It truly is limitless in its expression and can certainly hold the key to unlimited potential…for health, success, relationships, spirituality…but only if you’re willing to dream and reach for the most valuable Public Domain content of all…ideas.

10 Responses to “The Most Valuable Public Domain Content”

  • Hi Tony,

    Your blog is ‘philosophical’ about a down-to-earth subject, ideas, and with a little ‘twist’ that allows for comment that is a little bit original & unique… so here goes.

    The biblical King Solomon said, “there is nothing new under the sun… “vanity, vanity, all is vanity”… meaning as ephemeral as “soap bubbles” – lasting for a brief time.

    His point is simply that we are here today and gone tomorrow, so don’t be surprised by what ‘is’ even if we do not know what it is… there is nothing new under the sun.

    Biblically speaking, there is no such thing as a ‘ufo’ because all they are is the rebellious spirits (angels) that rebelled against God.

    Since they have nothing to do ‘all day’, they just fly around in a ‘thing’ we call a ‘disk’ because they have to be ‘somewhere’ and a disk is as good a place as any… unless they want to possess a human body… that’s bad… or pigs, according to the New Testament.

    Well, Tony, that’s about it…

    I know it’s a bit unique and original, but, biblically speaking, it’s ‘right on’ about a subject that a lot of people are ignorant about…

    UFOs are nothing but a deception that will become ‘real’ in the ‘last days’… so real that if possible, the reality of UFOs will ‘deceive even the elect’…


  • support:

    Hey Art,

    Thanks for your opinion. You offer one view of many possible ones. While this post was not meant to spark a religious discussion, I would like to caution any view that puts man at the “center of the universe”…it can be conveniently egocentric and not unlike earlier views that the sun rotated around the earth. People tend to fear what they don’t understand, and in your comments, you “read” a lot into Scripture that simply isn’t there or is your interpretation (there is no such thing as a ‘ufo’ because all they are is the rebellious spirits…). I could easily offer just as many scripture verses that would appear to support life on other planets.

    So we all have our boxes…each the result of our own culture, social status, upbringing, etc. That’s what I find so fascinating about IDEAS…you can take the same one and receive as many different expressions of it as you have people commenting on it. That’s exciting! Thanks for commenting!


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  • Tony:
    Boy are you right about ideas. I often surf the internet to generate ideas for my blog.
    I find lots of inspiration. I never rip off the articles and blog posts I read — meaning I don’t try pass their words as my own.
    However, often I find that articles and blog posts set off little mental explosions that relate to the five topics I cover in my blog:
    1) Self confidence
    2) Creaitng positive personal impact
    3) Outstanding performance
    4) Dynamic communication
    5) Interpersonal competence.
    I create fresh content based on ideas I’ve found on the net.
    You’re so right — the world, and internet, is full of ideas; if you’re tuned into your subject.
    Thanks for this great post.
    Bud Bilanich
    The Common Sense Guy

  • Hi Tony,

    I realize that your is not the forum for philosophical discussions… may be the appropriate venue for a philosophical ‘point of view’ about this topic with a point-counterpoint format.


    Hey Tony,

    Thanks for your opinion about my opinion…

    You say that I “offer one view of many possible ones”…

    Question –
    Is there more than 1 reality?

    Answer –

    Question –
    Is there more than 1 ‘view about the 1 reality?

    Answer –

    And since only the 1 reality is ‘true’, then everybody on the planet has the right to be wrong if their view is not supported by the 1 reality.

    In the real world, there is only 1 reality that is true, and every view that is not supported by the 1 reality is merely a personal opinion (view).

    What that means is that there is only 1 reality, not more than 1 reality… whether it is visible to us or invisible to us… regardless of how many ‘views’ there may be about that 1 reality.

    To reference the Christian bible is not a religious discussion…

    – Either there are fallen spirits (light beings) who have nothing better to do all day than fly around in craft that appear as bright shining objects in the sky, or there are not.

    – Either these fallen spirits who are flitting around earth’s atmosphere pretending to be ascended beings with superior wisdom, or they are not.

    – Either the fallen spirits asked Jesus to be allowed to possess the pigs, or they did not.

    However, your point of view is definitely a valid point of view…

    If the ufo inhabitants are NOT ‘fallen spirits/angels’ from this world and invisible to humans, then maybe, just maybe, yes… they may be inhabitants of other planets who are invading our sovereign air space without radio contact.

    Question –
    Have you ever wondered why there has NEVER, EVER been any recorded verbal communication between ufo ‘vehicles’ since the 1947 ufo crash at Roswell, New Mexico?

    Answer –
    Biblically speaking, fallen spirits do not communicate with each other verbally.

    In all of my reading the last 40 years, absolutely no reputable Christian author/scholar has EVER referenced even 1 biblical verse that supports the view “that would appear to support life on other planets”… because there is NO verse that supports that ‘view’, either explicitly or implicitly.

    However, there is channeled material, such as the ‘Urantia’ bible, that reference other planets and transcended beings who claim to have superior knowledge to humans.

    Biblically speaking, the Urantia bible is in the category of the Old Testament reference to spirits who ‘peep & mutter’ because they are simply deceiving spirits, and deception is their modus operandi.

    So paying attention to ‘peep & mutter’ spirits is a waste of time and effort, and to believe they contain any truth is a deception of the highest order.

    In Linda Molton Howe’s terminology, ufo ‘contact’ with humans either through the weird animal mutilations or crop circles or verbally is ‘high strangeness’ of the highest order and is to be regarded as suspect.

    As you say in your last sentence, ideas are ‘fascinating’…

    Yes, ideas are definitely fascinating… if there is any basis in reality.

    My view, however, is that there is definitely only 1 reality, regardless of how many ‘views’ there may be about that 1 reality.

    Any ideas that disregard the 1 reality are in reality a waste of time… although they definitely are interesting, that’s for sure.

    And Tony, since this philosophical discussion is way off point for your blog, if you do not publicize it, of course I understand.

    Art Telles

    Lift Up Jesus Only And He Will Lift You Up … See You At The Resurrection

  • support:

    Hey Art,

    You talk as though you have God and what He / She is up to all figured out…now that’s a reality I would never want to live in…I kind of like the idea that God (Creator) is beyond comprehension and understanding. The truth is, we will never fathom all the wonders that God’s grace entails…and that could include other races, other dimensions, other understandings. I chose to consider that there might just be something about God that I don’t know, and the knowing of which might change everything I believe.

    I also hope the He/She thing don’t freak people out…study the gender foundations of El Shaddai, a common word for God and Sophia, often used in reference to the Holy Spirit.

    For kicks some time, you should compare how the Bible defines God with how Quantum Physics defines energy…very interesting.

    BTW…Quantum Physics has pretty much proven that there is more to “reality” and our ability to change it than we previously understood.

  • Hi, Tony, this blog post really drew me in and I must say, your philosophical take on this topic of ‘Ideas’ hits me right between the eyes (or in the third eye, lol).

    I love the fact that in our present time, expanded creativity has a voice, and that voice just cannot be quenched, especially because of technology. It is so wonderful to me that many of the ideas that I think are just my own are spoken and written about by others too.

    I started a “flashsnatcher” file a while back to capture those ‘out of the box’ ideas. Your post reminds me to continue adding to it. Even if I don’t use an idea I have right away, I believe that the idea will fall on fertile soil and grow. I am glad to be part of it.

    My biggest challenge is choosing WHICH idea to make a commitment to act on, implementing it to the point of significance, in both an inspired and practical way. Using Public Domain content is an interest I’ve had for a while and you have sparked it again in me.

    Thank you.

    Best for now,

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  • Alla:

    It’s very late at night, I am on my way to bed. Could not resist to leave you a note: I am totally charmed by this blog. I have always been interested in Public Domain, but the sources I’ve seen so far were so poor. This site is a treasure! Besides, I love your writing style, Tony. It really is a great idea – to take something that was created and continue developing it. ‘Public Domain as the means to a beginning’ – yes!

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