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Pimping the Public Domain

I recently took a road trip with my daughters and Mom. We traveled from Pennsylvania to Albuquerque and Santa Fe in New Mexico and to Mesa Verde and Durango in Colorado. We also stopped at the Cherokee Reservation in Oklahoma while we were at it. We drove (or more correctly, I drove) 4,650 miles in seven days. It was a pretty agressive trip to say the least. Still, we had loads of fun! During the trips, with the stops we made and the places we visited, I noticed over and over again all the products (of all types)  being sold that were based on Public Domain content in some form. I’m not just talking about a t-shirt or two at some out-of-the-way truck stop. EVERYWHERE we traveled or stopped was selling Public Domain-based products. It was pretty cool to see, actually.

What became apparent to me was how the core marketing strategy for selling the diversity of products was nearly the same in every case…and the funny thing is, it’s a strategy that almost no one in the internet marketing community is using. You can discover what this strategy is for yourself in my new, free report called, “Pimping the Public Domain.” You can download it by clicking the link below. Enjoy!

Pimping the Public Domain

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  • Michael:

    Hello Tony,

    All I can say is “Thanks!” I’m building a business around everything I’ve learned from you. Your material is all top notch. Even your Freebies have more “meat” than many Paid products.

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