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New Google Image Search Feature

This past week, Google announced some exciting news that will definitely impact your ability to find quality Public Domain Images…for the better! They extended the functionality of Google Image Search ( to now include the ability of filtering search results based on Usage Rights. To access this new feature, you will want to click on “Advanced Image Search.” The Usage Rights option is located toward the bottom of the page. With this new feature, Google provides us with a few options:

  • Not filtered by license (default)
  • Labeled for reuse
  • Labeled for commercial reuse
  • Labeled for reuse with modification
  • Labeled for commercial reuse with modification

Google Image Search

The choices are based mostly on the Creative Commons licenses associated with the page. The option WE are most interested in is the final choice, “Labeled for commercial reuse with modification.” This choice provides the greatest return of Public Domain images out of all the selections. One caution though…not EVERY image result is going to be in the Public Domain. The majority of results will be, but I strongly encourage you to read the license on each page.

Easy Money Picture Project

I performed several searches using this filter and was super pleased with the results. I found some amazing Public Domain images from a wide variety of sources…and I quickly realized that the implications of this new tool are vast for product creation. Below is one example of what I found, along with the included license…indicating that the image was indeed in the Public Domain. I feel confident in saying that this new search strategy will definitely become a regular part of my research and product creation efforts for sure!

My great hope is that more people will realize the income-producing potential of image-based products…especially in these times! I remember back in the mid-80’s when times were tough for my family. There was no internet, only the local flea market in Smithville, NJ. Selling Public Domain image-based products (maps, photos and more) paid our bills and provided the extra spending money we never would have had otherwise. Now with the ease of website creation and sites like CafePress, Zazzle and eBay, the opportunities are ONLY limited by your imagination.


I recently braindumped my years of experience working with images for product creation into a 200+ page e-book titled, “Easy Money Picture Project.” It is loaded with tons of methods and strategies for using images from the Public Domain to create successful, profitable products. These aren’t examples based on theory, they’re actual case studies from successful ventures I created, or that others have used to create additional income from image-based products and services. For a limited time, you can claim your own copy of “Easy Money Picture Project” for a full $100 off the regular price by using coupon code EMPP100.

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5 Responses to “New Google Image Search Feature”

  • Michael:

    Thanks Tony,

    You’re the best. This will be a great help in finding niche pictures that I can reuse on my blogs, etc.

    Glad to hear that you’re getting a new help desk as well. I’ve had a number of emails ignored in the past, and that didn’t seem like you.

  • Hi Tony –

    Hi Tony – rewrite oops

    I tried this and like the results. I’m still having problems understanding the creative commons jargon. They say they best way to pass on the terms is a link.

    How is that done on a physical product you make using it. For example I was looking for an image of Pegasus for my personal business card and found this.

    can I just use it or am I just not getting the concept. Would I need to put license info on my card.

    I probably wouldn’t use this one in the end I was looking for a better image but this got me wondering. I was looking for a more dramatic image or painting that I could fade to be a background on the full card. When I saw this license it kinda spooked me. Going to go search some more.

    Thanks – John

    PS – I’ve been looking at help desk too. It’s like pulling hair and I don’t have that much :)

  • Thanks for the PD tools you share with us. One more to add to my public domain toolbox. My site is woefully lacking in pictures but there seems to be no shortage of supply with your suggested resources.

    Thanks again,

    Chaplain Paul Slater

  • This is great for blog posts etc instead of always paying out for stock images.

    Thanks for sharing,


  • Vicki:

    Weebly is also a great source for images. They have millions of stock photos in their gallery, which you can use for any purpose (even outside of Weebly). The professional stock photos aren’t free, but they have millions of free stock photos as well (just be sure to include attribution) ( You might have to set up a weebly account and start a web page to be able to access the image gallery (it’s a tool inside their web builder) but you can download the images from there and do whatever you like with them. You aren’t restricted to just using them on Weebly.

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