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Limitless Content

If you’ve been following me for a while, you will have noticed that I talk a LOT of using magazine content from the Public Domain. In my latest product release, “Limitless Blog Content,” I go into great detail on how to identify, locate and develop Public Domain magazine content for niche-specific blogs. But I want you to realize that the same methods I share in the ebook can (and should) be applied to nearly ALL your content needs. In this article, I will share some valuable insights on how you can increase your visibility (and traffic) for your niche products through the use of magazine content from the Public Domain.

The other day, I posted a new post to my dog blog ( titled, “The Hounds.” It’s an excellent article on the various breeds of hound dogs from around the world. I’ve included a brief excerpt below:

The Hounds
Elvis Presley may have made hound dogs popular with his 1956 remake of the song, “Hound Dog,” but ancient literature is replete with reference to Hounds. Zenophon the Greek discoursed at length on the care of hounds. This article highlights the breeds included officially in the Hound Show Group. There are many more hound breeds throughout the world but space does not permit mention of them (you can read the rest of the “Hounds” article here:

This article was originally published in the September 1958 issue of Dog World and is in the Public Domain. Because the article has already proven itself (already been published) and was written by an expert breeder of hounds, it required very minimal editing. Plus, it was the perfect size for multiple uses…around 540 words. It took me all of 5 minutes to scan and OCR it for use. I’ve obviously used this article for my blog, but what else can I do with it? That’s exactly what we’re going to examine in this article.

Blogs: As “Limitless Blog Content” reveals, niche-specific magazine content like this is perfect for blogs. You don’t have to write it yourself or worry about the info being posted on a hundred other websites.

Articles: The same content used for the blog post can be used as an article. Just include your tagline info at the end of the article and you’re ready to post it to the various articles websites (such as  

Autoresponders: It’s common practice to “bribe” visitors to sign-up to your niche-specific newsletter. One type of offer that is commonly used is a “6-part series” on whatever your niche is. Of course, the series can be however long you need it to be, but the point here is that magazine articles from the Public Domain are perfect content for these autoresponder series.

eZines: Similar to autoresponder series, eZines are another vehicle for you to keep in touch with your subscribers on an ongoing basis. Publishing a weekly eZine requires continuous supplies of fresh content, so why not use your limitless supply from magazines to solve that problem.

Squidoo Lens: Use the article as part of a Squidoo lens ( for your niche topic. Squidoo gets a lot of attention from the search engines (and live readers) and can provide a lot of targeted traffic back to your website. Post the article on (  There, the article can be read by thousands of readers interested in your niche, who can then mark the article as a personal favorite, share it with others, etc. You will also gain a lot of good organic links in Google and the other search engines, who love the website. There are other similar sites as well that you can post to, such as

MySpace: The article can be included in your niche-themed MySpace site or blog ( for all your “friends.”

Products: Obviously, you can use the article, along with other niche-related articles (also from Public Domain magazines) to create ebooks, training courses, etc. The products you can create are only limited by your market and your imagination. For instance, I don’t know that I could use the “Hound” article as part of a training course, but it would serve as an excellent introduction to an ebook on Hounds.

Print Magazines: You can take your customer interaction to the next level by moving your interaction into the print world with a print magazine. As with eZines, magazine content from the Public Domain is the perfect choice to include as a part of your layout since it’s proven and was written for a magazine to begin with!

Google Gadgets: If you use iGoogle as the homepage for your browser, then you are familiar with Google Gadgets. These gadgets represent all kinds of ways for you to obtain the information you want and need instantly to your desktop. From the latest weather forecast or your Twitter feeds to games and quotes of the day, Google Gadgets provides the perfect platform to reach the desktop of your target audience. Plus, Google makes creating your own gadget to share with others a simple task. Magazine content from the Public Domain can provide the source info you need stay connected with your like-minded friends.

Private Label Rights: You can include the article as part of a collection of niche-specific articles that you can sell to other marketers with private label rights (PLR). You can also compile the articles into PLR ebooks to sell as well.

I hope you can see the value and power behind using Public Domain magazine content for, not only your blogs, but also for nearly anything else you need content for. To get started on taking control of YOUR content and benefiting from the limitless amount of content available to you in the Public Domain right now, visit right now and invest in your successful information marketing future by picking up your own copy of “Limitless Blog Content.”

3 Responses to “Limitless Content”

  • Tony, this is an EXCELLENT article for a number of reasons:

    1. It’s useful.

    That is, it actually contains useful information for the reader. Taking a real example (i.e. the “Hounds” thingy) and using it for all the points is a GREAT way to DEMONSTRATE how to do what you’re talking about. It makes it just that little bit more real. And that’s what’s going to make the difference for most readers, I think.

    2. The article/post, is–itself–a good example of the kind of thing that could be repurposed numerous ways.

    I expect the content for this post is more or less a “slice” of the “Limitless Blog Content” ebook. A summary of part of the information in there. That’s not a criticism, it’s a lesson for everyone reading for how to use existing content in a new way. Instead of always trying to build things UP, why not condense them and turn them into several “teaser” articles/posts/reports/etc.

    3. It’s a good lesson in soft-selling

    @other readers: Re-read the way Tony sets up the article by referring to his ebook and then the way he links back to it again at the end… and in between offers enough good information to be able to go out and DO something with your content TODAY, and whets your appetite sufficiently for all “the good stuff” that must be in the ebook…

    The NightOwl

    P.S. Dang, where’s that affiliate link of mine, when I need it, eh? LOL! ;-P

  • support:

    Thanks for your insights NightOwl. I appreciate your observations!


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