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“How-to” Magazine Research

I was doing some research this morning looking for content ideas for a new niche I’ve been thinking of jumping into, and the results were so cool, I decided to go back and screencap the whole process so that you could benefit from the process as well.

You’ll see the exact method I use for researching Public Domain Magazine content for a specific niche, how I check copyright, the whole nine yards…nothing is left out. And YES, I even tell you the niche I was researching and the magazines I found for the content. In other words, you could completely rip off my own research and use it yourself. I don’t care…I want to see you “get it!”

It’s all yours to watch now and it won’t cost you a dime…enjoy!

One Response to ““How-to” Magazine Research”

  • Hi Tony,
    Thanks for sharing that great video. I have been dabbling in the public domain for about a year now and still trying to decide what to really focus on. I’ve always been interested in your Directory Cash Blueprint product and decided to purchase it the other day, however, the sales page has a few different prices and I wasn’t sure which one applies right now as the page seems to be from last December where you have a Christmas special with some bonuses. I also own a few of your other products (which I love) and a lot of these are offered as bonuses to Directory Cash Blueprint. Is there a way I could just purchase that product without all of the bonuses and what is the current price?
    Thanks for your hard work saving us time on the internet.
    Chris Turner

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