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Covert Strategy #2: E-Books

Here is the next strategy in our “30 Covert Strategies” series…

2. Publish E-Books. When it comes to e-books, I’m lumping all types of e-books into one description here. These would include PDF’s you sell or give away from your website, as well as e-books published for the Kindle, Nook, iPad and every other tablet and mobile device available now and in the future! While I love print books, the truth is that e-book sales are on the rise, and that’s not about to change. E-readers have changed everything. With the number of e-readers, tablets and smartphones already in use, plus more being purchased everyday, you cannot ignore creating and selling e-books…unless you hate money.

Selling your own PDFs created from Public Domain content is pretty straightforward since most word processors and page layout programs output directly to PDF. Publishing to the other platforms can present a few more challenges, but don’t let that stop you. Amazon offers excellent tutorials for publishing to the Kindle, as does Barnes & Noble for the Nook. Other sites, like, enable you to publish to all the major reader platforms by supplying your book(s) in the EPUB format, the standard for most readers. The same book creation strategies I shared with Print Books apply here. As a matter of fact, I would HIGHLY recommend creating BOTH print books AND e-books of every Public Domain-based book you publish. There is no reason to NOT do that…unless you like leaving money on the table!

3 Responses to “Covert Strategy #2: E-Books”

  • Christie:

    Hi there! I am thoroughly enjoying your website! It’s fantastic!

    I have a question that is causing me to stall in using books that may be in the public domain.. I have researched several books printed after 1923 on the copyright searches and nothing has come up on them. Does this mean that they are in the public domain or do I have to find something that actually states the last date it was copyrighted? If i can’t find anything on the book in the searches how will I have proof that it is in the public domain for future security?

    Thanks for any help you can give me!

  • Matt:

    Thank you for spreading the word about public domain resources. I think there is room for most companies and would-be marketers to bring more value to their offerings by leveraging public domain works.

  • Tracy:

    Thanks Tony for all the great info! If a book states it is PD but the author states that it must be kept intact and unedited to be disseminated, how would you sell it so that others wouldn’t take it and do the same? (because of the statement)
    Thanks so much!

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