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Are You Ready for the Holidays? Better Be!

Spontaneity in business can be a good thing, but the smart information entrepreneur ALSO plans ahead, and that’s what this post is about. It’s August (already) and there are a lot of theme and holiday-related product opportunities coming up that you can take advantage of, but NOW is the time to plan for them. The great news is that there is tons of Public Domain content waiting for you to explode these opportunities into your bank account!

In the United States, the next few months will bring Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day, not to mention Fall and Winter themes. If you’ve been thinking about tapping into the power of these times of the year, it’s best to NOT wait until the last minute. Start planning (and executing) your holiday strategies now…and make sure you include the Public Domain!

Here are a few product ideas to consider:

Holiday Recipes: In order for you to really hit a home run with this one, look for the unusual recipes…cultural foods, theme-related treats (101 Christmas Cookie Recipes from Around the World), Etc. There are thousands of recipe books available in the Public Domain.

Ghost Story Collections or Urban Legends: Collect together stories from around the world that relate to this genre. This is a huge market and the Public Domain offers thousands of books and stories.

Victorian Christmas Images: Collect together vintage Christmas postcards or greeting cards and offer them on a CD. You can create beautiful, CD or DVD products using and there are tens of thousands of these types of images available to use in the Public Domain. You can start your research here:

Holiday Traditions: Create an audio series of holiday traditions that can be read from Public Domain books and magazines. There is a crazy amount of holiday-related content awaiting you in Public Domain magazines that NO ONE is using. Be the first!

Movie Extravaganza: Produce a collection of theme-related Public Domain movies and offer them as downloads for iPods/iPhones or on DVD. There are lots of classic holiday-related movies in the Public Domain, from “Night of the Living Dead” to “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians.” Don’t forget “Ozzie and Harriet’s Christmas.” Spend some time and

Crafts: Craft ideas will always be popular! Look for unique ones, like Christmas origami or Native American crafts from corn, etc. You’ll find lots of useful Public Domain ideas at

Greeting Cards: I’ve made some decent money making my own Christmas Cards from Public Domain images to sell in packs. People love something different from the norm…so give it to them. You can print the cards yourself on an inkjet printer or have them produced through Cafepress or Zazzle. Have fun with them…Unique, inspiration or comedy will always win the day.

I hope you realize that there is SO MUCH holiday-related content in the Public Domain. You could literally just focus on these types of niches and do quite well every month. Use some imagination and creativity rather than copy what others are doing. Spend some time on Google Trends ( to see what keywords have been popular over the past few years during certain holiday time periods. And MOST important of all…Get Started NOW! Don’t wait until a few weeks before the holiday and then decide to make a product to sell. Do it now! Otherwise, you’ll miss a LOT of sales!

My “Public Domain Code Book” is perfect for finding all types of Public Domain content…from books and movies to sheet music and audios. It contains well over 250 links to Public Domain-related websites and is now selling at a much lower price. Claim your copy here:

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One Response to “Are You Ready for the Holidays? Better Be!”

  • Great tips TOny.

    This can be applied as you go into any seasonal market…halloween, valentines, etc.
    In regards to Christmas, I think products created from a religious angle would be very popular too. Churches, biblical places, famous sermons, etc.



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